Tuesday, June 1, 2010

How To Prioritize

Its a jungle out there with all the things to do nowadays. You have work, school, homework, kids, housework along with trying to run a business on the side, advertise your business and still be able to social network with people while keeping your cool? Yeah right huh?

So how exactly do we balance this circus act? We have to of course prioritize. Taking everything day by day, instead of taking on lumps of work and just getting agrivated. Trust me thats what happens I am living proof. Yeah I managed to balance, but was I really getting the results I was capable of ? Of course not , because I was too busy focusing on winning. Instead of focusing on the race itself and setting myself up for the real stuff I always knew I was capable of.

Well how exactly did I do this you ask? Well start by finding the people that are doing the same things that you are doing. Watch how they perform and take the extra time to ask them how exactly they operate and most of the time they will be more than happy to share the success. But there are those who wont be so happy that you are fired up. Those we call haters and cannot prevent just diffuse when they start the fire.

You must learn to not focus and spend time on what you cannot control. Instead focusing on what you can control like action items that will set you up for success. Like planning ahead and researching whatever it is you are trying to accomplish and expect the things that normally come with performing that specific activity. Therefore enabling you to indentify those easy fixes and planning ahead to not mock these actions. Ultimatly cutting out the fat!

Check out this guy he knows about cutting out the fat!

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