Thursday, July 29, 2010

What Is Affiliate Marketing And Does It Work?

7 Easy Steps To Affiliate Marketing
So most people nowadays want to start a business online. Like internet , MLM or network marketing and they want to get rich overnight or push a magic button  and money will appear. Get real and know that all of these outlined marketing positions do work, given the time, focus and dedication like any other job or work that you may encounter.

Network and Internet marketing kind of tie together with MLM. In a sense that you must use the internet and networking skills to find potential prospects via social networks, blogs and forums. You can make some serious money once you get heavy into network marketing in conjunction with MLM. Like they say "it takes money to make money" Your marketing budget will heavily determine how many and the quality of leads you will begin to attract. Hence the term attraction marketing. As your knowledge begins to grow along with the # of times your followers are seeing you certain places like social media sites, blogs and other public events will determine your reputation and credibility. As you continue to grow through the ropes you can monetize your sites and blogs while funneling potential prospects to your business. Hence the term affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is used alot in the starting stages of people's MLM businesses and websites. It is so easy that you do not have to market or make your own product you can simply market someone elses product or service. This tactic helped me to generate over $1800 in less than a month promoting The Tweet Tank when it first came out. (Twitter Automator Software).

The tactics I used during that about 24 day period was as follows.

1. The Tweet Tank - The same software I was promoting I used to generate leads via Twitter.

2. Blasted my list- I blasted my list twice a week showing them the results that I was receiving with this software.

3. Writing articles- The Info Mine is a revenue sharing site and you can post articles there and you used to be able to reference to your site, but not anymore. But it still pays pretty good with Adsense.

4. Blogging - Blogging is becoming a very powerful tool and has been powerful just that now more people are realizing it. Google loves fresh content and if you provide it they will send the traffic.

5. PPC- Of course without FaceBook and Adwords my # would not have been possible but keep in mind I only spent about $80 to market this product and got over 67 leads. Yea I had Adwords down until I got the Google slap. But thats ok Google I still heart you. Well kind of lol

Well I hope this has given you a basic idea of what affiliate marketing is about and when to use it. Or at least an overview. Feel free to leave comments and feedback below I have included a link to your very own download to 7 easy steps to affiliate marketing just for reading this article.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Is People String Worth While?

Well one of the very first opportunities that came my way as I started showing interest in the online field was E-How and People String Network . They both struck as a great opportunity with a couple of sites that ranked pretty high with the search engines. So I decided to venture off and try both hand in hand, it was a matter of time before I started to see results with E-How . Maybe just like $5-7 a month at first but the more articles you write obliviously the more views and clicks on advertisements within your article therefore increasing your revenue.

So the other People String Network was one was that I found interesting that they had their own Google Ads network set-up within their own network collecting that revenue. But of course that was just one network at the time I myself saw offered that could just log-in and gain points to redeem later. You also gain revenue share per month like I started just receiving payments within the network of like $2-$4 . Also $0.50 sign up referral per stringer. This means for every person you sign up and they sign up six levels deep you will receive commission on. You can also take surveys and make special offers here. So there is a pretty big opportunity to gain some pretty big bucks in People String Network But for me it is just a tool that will earn me a few extra bucks throughout time. You can also blog here and promote some other great products here. So feel free to join my string now for FREE! We can connect here and use these great resources given to us and monetize them all in the process. Have a very productive day.

PS: To the answer the question stated above , yes People String Network is worth while and will create some great things for you Google wise. My articles and name comes up in conjunction with People String so that is always a good sign when worrying about SEO.

It is ridiculously simple to explode via the internet and social bookmarking.

If you can emphasize that , there is a business within itself

Jermaine Steele

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

3 Effective Ways To Market Yourself Not Your Service Or Product

                   Attraction Marketing System

Nowadays there are just about 7,798,976 too many network, affiliate and network marketers out there trying to market their product and not themselves. What's the difference? Well if you tried to sell you brother a vacuum cleaner by showing up at his doorstep unannounced do you think he would by your product? Uh , probably not. Now if you told him you only had a few sales lately and needed just 1 more to make your goal and he would really be doing you a favor just by him letting you do a presentation at his house. Do you think he would help you out? Most likely.

Now if you did not call him at all and told him to connect with you on FaceBook and he saw that you were already finding leads and making sales. He also saw that you had about 767 more friends than he did. Dont you think he would probably come to you and say " hey bro whats the deal about FaceBook and the whole vaccum thing about. Most Def he would, hence the term attraction marketing. Then he might even ask you to come to his house and do that presentation. Then of course you would say" I am busy and do not have time haha JK.

But really this is the problem that most network marketers out there have is that they are willing to become leaders when someone knights them leaders. Haha cmon I mean you are telling me that these are the people you want in your business. The ones that only will follow you when  you become a leader. Well guess what you have to become the leader before the people will follow and unforatunatly it is so hard to market yourself in a cyberspace full of  regurgatated junk. Stop marketing to a cold market and get with 2010.

So you have to create a name for yourself and then reap the benefits , not the other way around. Why do you think that the top producers will always say that there is no magic bullet ( get rich scheme ). Because its the truth and you do have to work hard at marketing yourself and not your product! Here are a few ways that you can do so while still making money online.

1. Social Media- I have to pick social media because without it you are dead in the water. You leave your potential fan crowd, business partners and followers nowhere to go. This increases the chances of them coming back to you Twitter, My Space or Facebook and allows them to gain value from your social media sites.

2. Blogging- This is a great and powerful tool to utilize when trying to market yourself in the network marketing industry. After attracting potential leads, prospects or  business partners you should now funnel them through to your blog. Capturing their attention and possibly their E-mails as well in order to build your list. You can create plenty of valuable content based on products or systems and gain trust within in the internet community and create repeat visits to your site. Therefore increasing your chance of a conversion. The potential prospects will continue to follow you as long as you keep them up to date and add value to their business. You should give them a steady stream of information maybe about 3-5 times a week to their inbox. If you let up they will follow someone else and you will lose a faithful follower.

3. Positioning- Last but not least, positioning is so key in this industry for the simple fact that if you do not position yourself in front of people that find your information valuable your business or personal standpoint will obviously deteriorate. You must put yourself around like minded marketers instead of like minded family members that will never buy your product unless your life depended on it haha. You can join certain sites like Better Networker and Linked In thats positions you in front of other entreprenuers that will find your information valuable even if you only talk about what you do in your business. This is stuff that others have never seen , even though it seems like simple basic stuff to you they little motivators to keep them in the right direction. This being another reason its so important to keep adding value to your list.

Well I hope this put a couple things into perspective and thanks for always supporting my information. Feel free to leave feedback and comments below. It helps to give me an idea of how valuable the information I am giving really is.

                       Attraction Marketing System

Monday, July 26, 2010

Jermaine's 5 Basic Marketing Must Haves

Well there are many many marketing strategies out there today and you probably know about a whole bunch of ways to get your site optimized, get views and ratings etc.. But are you really applying them?

Well whether you are or not , you will definatley when trying to grow your MLM or personal brand online. Need these basic 5 principles when growing your business. These are my 5 must haves and played a key role to my substantial list growth and ongoing success.

1. Social media is first here basically because if you are not networking within your community and supporting others in the process you are just simply not going to do business in the log run. So create a Twitter, FaceBook and YouTube account and fill it with content non-stop. DO not be afraid of the naysayers. These people will always surround you. Simply do not associate with these individuals:) This one is free so if you are on a shoestring budget this will help.

2.Blog is second and it is obvious that if you want to connect with others on somewhere. Your blog will be a great centralized location to connect and add value to others. So create a Wordpress or Blogger account and connect with all of your followers there. Just do some simple articles that you know will help them, along with videos , training series and links to other great resourceful things. Before you know it you will see the "Attraction" come in to effect. People will start to join your list, provided you have one must have #3 haha. This is also free and is $0 so far.

3. Autoresponder is third and is a must have if you want to capture the information of others to provide them with value. You can use Aweber or GEt response and many others. But Aweber is my choice. See links on side or below for Aweber. You can utilize this to retain you visitors attention and let them know about up and coming promotions or reccomendations.

4. Marketing budget of at least $25-$250 a month and of course the higher level of agressiveness and dedication you can apply accordingly. You can do like some simple PPC on Facebook or Adwords, some article writing and submission. Solo ads are as well a strong favorite of mine is Ad Tactics they are a great 12,500+ deep and this is very effective in creating 10-15 leads for about $20. You cant beat this strategy even sometimes with PPC. At least for my case that is. So utilize your budget close when you first start. Then just spend less than you make and invest the profit. You will see substantial ROI if you focus and create your own funnel carefully. These are only my opinions.

5. MLSP is last but most def not least. This system called
My Lead System Pro is a system that I ran into and is simply expoding my personal lead growth as well as network marketing knowledge. I would have to describe it as a Online University for Entreprenuers. Really I am amazed and excited to share the knowledge soaked up from this system at hand. You must have this system if you are serious about generating leads. This will cost you $29.99 the first 30 days and $59.99 after that per month and by far out weighs the competition, branding you and your future business as well as teach you agressive marketing tactics in the procsess.
So all in all you will have spent about $100-$150 per month to grow your business at a steady pace. If you are not thinking of spending at least this amount per month. You are probably still treating your business or MLM program like a hobby.
Please feel free to leave comments and feedback on our blogs or sites. We appreciate all your support and following.

The sole difference between you the 97% and the 3% of online marketers is the 3% actually become successful being action takers and do not worry about the failures. "For We fail as we learn and learn as we fail"

Jermaine Steele

                    Attraction Marketing System

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Does MLSP Work and If So How?

                 Attraction Marketing System

Well there are alot of skeptical people out there in every category. Especially in the MLM field and everyone makes the asumption that if it has the letters "M" , "L"  or "M" that its automatic whammo! Is it a pyramid scheme? Do I have to do anything? Am I gonna make any money? Do you make any money and of course the infamous "Does it work?"  These are all common questions I am sure you encounter if you are any kind of into the online marketing field or MLM. I am myself involved in all of the above and encounter all those same questions.

How do we react to those types of questions? Well it depends how involved you are youreslf into the business. Not how much money you make but how invloved you actually are. Are you online writing articles, making videos, trying out Craigslist, Safelist marketing and of course social media amongst other tactics. Then it would seem that you could probably handle a handfull if not all of those questions comfortably. You could answer those naysayers questions with confidence and reinforcment. For the simple fact that you A. Know that it is not a pyramid scheme  B. That you do have to do alot and be able to explain that if that person is looking for a magic bullet, well theres the door. C. That it does work and last but least D. That you also will long term create very healthy passive income.

Now if you were barely climbing into a company or online system or offline and did not do any footwork like handing out flyers, networking and above mentioned activities then you would most likely stutter and sound like a fool because you are trying to go out and recruit instead of recruiting while you are out.

This is exactly what MLSP teaches you on the inside as well as lead generation tactics while branding your own business instead of someone elses self replicated website. You can start to utilize all the tools and resources that top earners in our same industry are using. So I guess if these are the types of results that you or your company desire then I guess the answer to "Does MLSP work" ? Is going to very well have to be YES in my opinion and I personally have gained on average over 1 lead per day generally and over 10 per day with solo ads and similar campaigns.

So this is only my review and in no way shape or form and endorsement:) But I would totally reccomend this product to all my family and friends if they wanted like a online university for network marketers Haha.

I am sure tons of MLSP users everywhere would agree but you can for yourself go and Google the ugly parts of MLSP if you are the type that does not like results and enjoys wasting time. You and 97% of the other network marketers will do so and never reap the benefits of any program because they are only focused on the win and not the battle.

So hope this review has helped and put a couple of things into perspective for you about MLSP (My Lead System Pro) . Thanks for reading my articles.

Jermaine Steele

                        Attraction Marketing System

Sunday, July 18, 2010

How To Build A Viral Marketing List

Well my post today is a about a building an on demand viral marketing, SPAM free opt-in list and boost your profits for free. This system I have been using for quite a while now and it is called . This system is used by thousands of online marketers and has the ability to put your product in front of like minded entreprenuers. You will not ever have to worry about complaints because everyone is double opted in and will never receive something they did request for.

I have used this system to gain over 30 leads and am able to mail them every day and my downline continues to grow due to my downline creating a downline and so on and so forth. This system was created by Mike Filsaime. Internet GURU and his credibility is endless so be worry free that his product works and will continue to grow as more and more marketers find out about his site. Hope this has helped your game and internet marketing success.

They are always having some type of affiliate contest for cash and List Dot Com is packed with affiliate tools so you can promote on your site or blog to gain some passive income and great leads.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

How To Create A Facebook Fanpage

Well first of all you will need a FaceBook account and an E-mail to do so. Once you have your E-mail and FaceBook account, you can decide what you want to brand or promote with your fanpage. Whether it is a rockband, public figure, social media application or just yourself.
In this economy it is imperative that we utilize our resources and ensure proper circulation of our brand or personal growth. You can do this by numerous marketing strategies like, article marketing , video marketing, basic SEO, Squidoo pages or similar sites. But most importantly you must utilize social media and its powerful web presence that it creates.

So I stumbled upon a site that has a pretty extensive tutorial on how to create your own FaceBook fanpage. So I opted to let Mr. Brandon Koon take it away at this site because it does a great job of explaining and also has screenshots.

So I hope this has helped you in your mission searching for a site that teaches you how to create a FaceBook Fanpage.

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