Tuesday, July 27, 2010

3 Effective Ways To Market Yourself Not Your Service Or Product

                   Attraction Marketing System

Nowadays there are just about 7,798,976 too many network, affiliate and network marketers out there trying to market their product and not themselves. What's the difference? Well if you tried to sell you brother a vacuum cleaner by showing up at his doorstep unannounced do you think he would by your product? Uh , probably not. Now if you told him you only had a few sales lately and needed just 1 more to make your goal and he would really be doing you a favor just by him letting you do a presentation at his house. Do you think he would help you out? Most likely.

Now if you did not call him at all and told him to connect with you on FaceBook and he saw that you were already finding leads and making sales. He also saw that you had about 767 more friends than he did. Dont you think he would probably come to you and say " hey bro whats the deal about FaceBook and the whole vaccum thing about. Most Def he would, hence the term attraction marketing. Then he might even ask you to come to his house and do that presentation. Then of course you would say" I am busy and do not have time haha JK.

But really this is the problem that most network marketers out there have is that they are willing to become leaders when someone knights them leaders. Haha cmon I mean you are telling me that these are the people you want in your business. The ones that only will follow you when  you become a leader. Well guess what you have to become the leader before the people will follow and unforatunatly it is so hard to market yourself in a cyberspace full of  regurgatated junk. Stop marketing to a cold market and get with 2010.

So you have to create a name for yourself and then reap the benefits , not the other way around. Why do you think that the top producers will always say that there is no magic bullet ( get rich scheme ). Because its the truth and you do have to work hard at marketing yourself and not your product! Here are a few ways that you can do so while still making money online.

1. Social Media- I have to pick social media because without it you are dead in the water. You leave your potential fan crowd, business partners and followers nowhere to go. This increases the chances of them coming back to you Twitter, My Space or Facebook and allows them to gain value from your social media sites.

2. Blogging- This is a great and powerful tool to utilize when trying to market yourself in the network marketing industry. After attracting potential leads, prospects or  business partners you should now funnel them through to your blog. Capturing their attention and possibly their E-mails as well in order to build your list. You can create plenty of valuable content based on products or systems and gain trust within in the internet community and create repeat visits to your site. Therefore increasing your chance of a conversion. The potential prospects will continue to follow you as long as you keep them up to date and add value to their business. You should give them a steady stream of information maybe about 3-5 times a week to their inbox. If you let up they will follow someone else and you will lose a faithful follower.

3. Positioning- Last but not least, positioning is so key in this industry for the simple fact that if you do not position yourself in front of people that find your information valuable your business or personal standpoint will obviously deteriorate. You must put yourself around like minded marketers instead of like minded family members that will never buy your product unless your life depended on it haha. You can join certain sites like Better Networker and Linked In thats positions you in front of other entreprenuers that will find your information valuable even if you only talk about what you do in your business. This is stuff that others have never seen , even though it seems like simple basic stuff to you they little motivators to keep them in the right direction. This being another reason its so important to keep adding value to your list.

Well I hope this put a couple things into perspective and thanks for always supporting my information. Feel free to leave feedback and comments below. It helps to give me an idea of how valuable the information I am giving really is.

                       Attraction Marketing System

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