Saturday, August 28, 2010

How To Set Up A Domain

In the internet marketing industry there a few things that you must have in order to be successful in most cases these few things are a domain name, $1.99 Web Hosting  and some time, dedication and persistancy. So you think you can make some money easily online and want to create financial freedom for yourself and family right? Well I can tell you from experience that it is very possible that you will make some money if you follow the easy steps that it takes to create your empire. But the empire is not created over night you have to do alot of different things like promoting your website with things like social networking, solo ads, craigslist , article marketing , video marketing, SEO , PPC and many other tactics that will help you grow your online business.


But for the many who are having a hard time just buying a domain or just do not understand what a domain is I have created this video and article to expand your knowledge. The domain name is only the name of the site you would like to send visitors to like "" or "" this allows people to disinguish your brand or product through your domain name and they can type in whatever domain they would like to visit. Hopefully yours:) So watch this tutorial now and find out how to purchase your own domain  name and then watch my video on how to aquire web hosting.

Thanks again and have a productive day.

Monday, August 23, 2010

How To Start Your Own Blogger Account

Well this blog post is actually for a specific crowd of people who have asked me " How do you make money online"? " What if I do not have a website ?" Then what can I do? Well this post is specifically for that crowd and I hope you guys find value from this video and understand the power of affiliate marketing if utilized in optimized ways. You can also use social media to drive traffic to your blog and websites as well as many other tactics. You can make some pretty decent money with this type of blog if you can learn to drive the traffic to your blog. I can help with that if you get stuck. So please enjoy my blog post and attached video and feel free to comment. 

Thursday, August 19, 2010

How To Get Focused Online


Attraction Marketing System
3 Ways To Get Focused

1. Forget about being overwhelmed- In today’s market I understand it is so easy to be overwhelmed by all the different business opportunities. But I also understand after years of marketing online that you cannot focus on what you cannot control. You have to focus on day to day tactics like writing articles, creating videos, blog posts, social networking and maybe even some paid campaigns, if it is in your budget. These activities will not only keep your mind off of being overwhelmed but will actually produce results over time. Therefore creating success within your business. As an internet or network marketer you are always going to be a little overwhelmed by all the information, software and training events that will come your way. So focus on the activities little by little and you will prosper.

2. Get Organized- If you are serious about your online or offline business you must get organized. Meaning if you have an office, keep it clean and neat with all items in place where they go. You can also try having separate binders for each project. This helps with finding a paper, invoice or possibly a brainstorming note pad you have. You can locate things easily and work a lot faster when this happens, allowing you more time for other projects or maybe even for your “why” factor , your family right? After all, this is why you do what you do correct? You can also buy items for your office or workroom in bulk in order to save even more time for the important stuff like gaining and calling leads. This leaves you open and focused for your team and able to come up with new creative ideas.

3. Plan Ahead- Well of course you have heard the saying “ If you fail to plan, you mine as well plan to fail”. Planning is key and a very important initiative in my online business. I always write down exactly what it is that I am going to do. One reason I do this is to push myself to do day by day take steps toward my goals. This is very key to doing what you actually say you are going to do. Another reason I do this is because our success is determined by our daily actions. Well at least that is what John Maxwell has said. A very successful entrepreneur You can do whatever you like but I guarantee this tactic works and will influence you to do your work because in a way you are holding yourself accountable. Treat your business like a hobby and you will get hobby results. Treat you business like a business and you will get business results. People will show up for a 9-5 job knowing that if they are late or do not show up there are repercussions. But if we do not show up for our online business is their accountability? I know there is in mine because I have a calendar and a very busy one at that , so I will be behind and my days will not go as planned. Producing failure and discouragement . So this lead me to making a video of showing you a couple simple things I do to plan ahead. I usually plan ahead about a week or so. But you can do days or months if you like . So stay focused and check out my blog!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How To Make Money With CPA Leads

Maybe you have seen my video on how to make some  money online with CPA leads great website that actually lets you get paid per action. For promoting and having people take surveys from your site, blog or social network you can even use pay-per click advertising and optimize your efforts with these tactics. You can find low mobile targeted visitors through various sites and get some $0.01 cent clicks and then for example if you are paid $1.73 per action like someone taking a survey or downloading a game, you can get about 173 clicks before you need just on person to download or take your survey or play your game.


I have given some examples of how I have utilized the social networking tactics and made a few cents literally. But I am going to in the very near future release some videos of me using ninja tactics while monetizing my opt-in list immediatly after they opt-in. You can actually make your money for marketing while gaining free leads if you play your cards right.

So yeah get this right , you get penny opt-ins and monetize your campaigns so that you can get some or all of your money back from cost per action sites. Watch this video and get some of the insights on this very tactic that could make you some bucks. I am in the process of creating a price tag for this ninja tactic video series. Make an offer and dont miss the below video haha.

Jermaine Steele

Sunday, August 15, 2010

How To MonetizeYour Blog

I was talking to a very business savvy individual the other day and we connected very well. He always had been giving me advice on what to do on my blog. Maybe some tips on increasing traffic or some very valuable FaceBook tips.

I always love when he gives me ideas and adds value to my online business because it motivates me and makes me work that much harder. So anyways the point behind all of this is that I thought to myself , what can I do for him?

He is much a more advanced internet marketer than myself and his authority perception I feel is much more than mine. So how can I add value to him. Well then we Skyped. ( If that is even the proper way to say it?) lol . But you know what I mean, we connected through Skype and of course like always he was busy adding value to myself and my business.

So while we were on the phone I just visited his blog like I always do. While I was there I noticed that his blog content was great like always, but then something clicked. He did not have any links or affiliate links that would actually enable him to make some money if he wanted to there for an extra income stream.

So I suggested that he monetize his blog, meaning of course that throughout the course of his blog he possibly throw some affiliate links in there and maybe some banners.

Well I believe he did so and that made me feel great that I could actually add some value to his online presence. Being that he always helps me and guides me. So of course the inspiration of this video stemmed from that day+ the fact that I discovered a very affordable screenshot software and wanted to use it:)

So if you are an internet or network marketer of any sort you know that  SPAMMING or trying to sell your business directly is a NO-NO. You must add value to your audience first. But in my opinion there is nothing wrong with collecting a few bucks from guiding your audience in the right direction and services. Hence the term affiliate marketing.

Well I hope this video and article has given some insight to you personal or business life and I hope your day is the best!

Jermaine Steele

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

5 Ways To Grow Your Network

There are so many networks out there it is hard to chose which ones to go with and know which ones actually produce results. It is obvious that the more people you have in your network, the more people that benefit from your knowledge, business or product. So the goal is to produce more eyeballs connecting to your network, in order to produce long term passive results, I have came up with the 5 best ways I have used to produce results without all the fluff. So here goes.

#1- List Dot Com  - This site is one of the viral list building membership sites that I use and it was created by none other than Guru Mike Filsaime. He obviously knows what it takes to build a huge opt-in list. You can sign up here for free and use the free promotional tools section to promote on safelists or advertise to your own list and get them to join , therefore growing your network rapidly with the help of people who sign up through you.

#2- Viral Url - Is the
second Viral List building site that I use to generate leads and grow my network. You use a URL from this site and promote it on any of your sites and when people click on the thin banner shown across the top of your site, they than are in your downline and you can now mail them within your own network. Therefore creating yet another way for your network or lead system to grow.This site also shortens and protects your links from your affiliate commissions from being stolen. This site is also a free site.

#3- People String - Is my #3 pick and is a network that lets you make money taking surveys , logging into your account , $0.50 for every referral and also you can blog here and it lets potential leads or business partners see what you are all about. This network is huge and is growing very rapidly. This is also another  free site that you can utilize .

#4- Mobile Monopoly - Mobile Monopoly is actually a software that converts your Aweber Opt-In forms to a mobile form allowing you to capitalize on the industry that is 5X bigger than regular internet. The mobile industry is huge and untapped allowing you to receive 0.03-0.10 clicks compared to ugly Google and Facebook PPC . This is huge and everyone is flocking to Clickbank to purchase Mobile Monopoly because it is the highest gravity product and everyone is talking about it! So go now!!

Attraction Marketing System#5- My Lead System Pro- This is last on my list but for sure not the least and as a matter of fact should have been first on my list due to all the leads it has helped me create. This system helps you create a capture page has tutorials on everything under the sun like video marketing, article marketing and many other network marketing tactics. You can also learn how to brand your own business versus someone else's business and have your audience captivated. 

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Does Mobile Monopoly Work? + 5 Online Tactics To Explode Your Business

You are looking into starting an online business and are are surfing the web seeing all the hype about how a college kid makes $1,002,982 his first year and cant even read. All he did was put up some website and shablam!! Rich!  Haha yea sure I wish because I would not be doing all the activities like article marketing, video marketing , 12,987 social media networks, lol not really but it feels like it sometimes.

That is just a few tactics and of course there is classified ads, safelist advertising, Ebay/classsifieds for Ebay, Better Networker, Bloggingcreating websites to expose myself, creating YouTube videos, drop cards and numerous other tactics in order to just create a few leads online ? That is alot of effort right?

Of course it is , it is also ridiculous that you put all that time and effort and do not have but 1-2 leads daily 3 tops right? Well let me show you a combination of efforts that I use to create anywhere from 5-25 leads daily. So here goes and these are not promised results but results that I am having( disclaimer )haha .

1. MLSP - MLSP is my #1 pick based on the simple fact that I did not really see many results until I ran into AJ and Marquita Cummings at The No Excuses Summit! . This system has pieced together my online business like you would never believe.

2. Mobile Monopoly - This untapped system will give you an idea of what mobile marketing can do for your online business is going to make you sick after you see what you could have been doing to explode your business.

3. Aweber - This is an absolute if you are looking long term to gain an online presence and retain your followers leads. This is a autoreponder Email service, meaning that when someone visits your website and decides to follow you by opting into your list they are automatically responded to by whatever it is you want them to see or obtain.

4. Domain Name - You would also need a domain name that can purchased through  Hostgator or any other domain name carrier for that matter.

5. Web Hosting - This is what will host your domain name in order to function as a website. This is an easy to follow set-up procedure and if you can not figure it out I will personally help you out myself. Just E-mail me, but I ams ure if you are thinking about taking this route . You semi know what you are doing.

That is it with these companies you can start your own campaign and start driving leads to your offers and MLSP and Mobile Monopoly will explode your business if you have the time and effort to put into your online business.

                     Attraction Marketing System

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Special E-book Package Delivered To Your Inbox For 17 Bucks! + Bonus 30 Minute Consultation With Me !

I know nowadays you can come across a  lot of E-books and resource tools that will gain you knowledge and more power for your business. The only problem now is where do you start with all the re-hashed up information? What do you do when you receive the information? What happens when you apply it and it does not work? Well these are all questions that you may have and I am more than willing to answer for you.

I am working on setting up, planning and executing my own weekly webinars in the next 3 months and until then I will be offering 30 min phone calls for advice suggestions for your blog or just simple conversations about MLM, MLSP, affiliate or network marketing. These phone calls will be set-up to walk you through any internet problems you may have. I just remember starting out and not being able to create my own capture page, drive more traffic to my website, create a website , create a blog or just simply how to create a social networking account.

I would have paid over $100 easy to have all my questions answered about the industry. I am not saying I know all about the industry, however will surely be able to answer your questions or find great results for the answer.

I have included a box on the sidebar and you can take the survey to give an idea of what you would like to learn more about. The tactics you receive in these E-books and knowledge you gain from our personal phone call will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

This is a list of E-books you will receive along with your consultation

  1. How to get rich
  2. Internet marketing pitfalls
  3. How to niche
  4. Instant info riches
  5. Law of success
  6. Manifesting you mindset
  7. My niche toolbox
  8. Money Bombs

                          So Go Now And Talk To You Soon!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

3 Explosive Ways To Network Within Your Networking Community

So you have been online for quite some time now and you are connecting with people on FaceBook, Twitter and your blog and you are on your way to financial freedom? Uh right. No it does not work that easy ,you have to find other affective and cost affective ways to connect with your community without breaking the bank. But you want to have the up to date, captivating information that everybody desires. But not much of a budget well here are 3 cost effective however not free ways to network and apply yourself at the same time building relationships and potential business ventures or services rendered. You must spend some money at times to make money. So this is my list of 3 ways to network within your networking community.

  1. Better Networker- Better Networker is a online community of entreprenuers, MLM, work from home moms, dads and every other variety of business savvy networkers all on one website. This is where you can get an idea of what a Better Networker profile will look like Better Networker Profile Example . They have a free membership with limited functionalities that are well worth you spending you time on a product. ( FREE) .That was the free version and the trial is $1 then $9.95 per month and your capabilities are greater like add unlimited video and articles to gain organic, natural traffic and maximize your profits.
  2.  Solo Ads - These are also very profitable to use in conjunction with MLSP to pull in leads from the safelist credit surfers. You can find quality leads there as well as creating relationships from the start with your new subscriber list, this is where you grow you. Now it is time to take action and network with these people and not be too busy or scared to call your new leads.  These will typically cost you from $7-$20. pretty cost controlling if you ask me. See my article on 5 Marketing Must Haves For More Ideas
  3. FaceBook PPC- This is becoming a strong cost effective way when managed correctly and tied together with some keyword strategies can play a strong part in pulling in quality relationships and leads. You must be strategic about this or your results most often will not be many of greatness. Minimum $5.00 budget for day and you can test to see your strategic efforts.

So now go and sign up for each of these accounts and see you how you too can  create a passive income while doing what you like to do . Network!

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