Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Special E-book Package Delivered To Your Inbox For 17 Bucks! + Bonus 30 Minute Consultation With Me !

I know nowadays you can come across a  lot of E-books and resource tools that will gain you knowledge and more power for your business. The only problem now is where do you start with all the re-hashed up information? What do you do when you receive the information? What happens when you apply it and it does not work? Well these are all questions that you may have and I am more than willing to answer for you.

I am working on setting up, planning and executing my own weekly webinars in the next 3 months and until then I will be offering 30 min phone calls for advice suggestions for your blog or just simple conversations about MLM, MLSP, affiliate or network marketing. These phone calls will be set-up to walk you through any internet problems you may have. I just remember starting out and not being able to create my own capture page, drive more traffic to my website, create a website , create a blog or just simply how to create a social networking account.

I would have paid over $100 easy to have all my questions answered about the industry. I am not saying I know all about the industry, however will surely be able to answer your questions or find great results for the answer.

I have included a box on the sidebar and you can take the survey to give an idea of what you would like to learn more about. The tactics you receive in these E-books and knowledge you gain from our personal phone call will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

This is a list of E-books you will receive along with your consultation

  1. How to get rich
  2. Internet marketing pitfalls
  3. How to niche
  4. Instant info riches
  5. Law of success
  6. Manifesting you mindset
  7. My niche toolbox
  8. Money Bombs

                          So Go Now And Talk To You Soon!

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