Sunday, August 15, 2010

How To MonetizeYour Blog

I was talking to a very business savvy individual the other day and we connected very well. He always had been giving me advice on what to do on my blog. Maybe some tips on increasing traffic or some very valuable FaceBook tips.

I always love when he gives me ideas and adds value to my online business because it motivates me and makes me work that much harder. So anyways the point behind all of this is that I thought to myself , what can I do for him?

He is much a more advanced internet marketer than myself and his authority perception I feel is much more than mine. So how can I add value to him. Well then we Skyped. ( If that is even the proper way to say it?) lol . But you know what I mean, we connected through Skype and of course like always he was busy adding value to myself and my business.

So while we were on the phone I just visited his blog like I always do. While I was there I noticed that his blog content was great like always, but then something clicked. He did not have any links or affiliate links that would actually enable him to make some money if he wanted to there for an extra income stream.

So I suggested that he monetize his blog, meaning of course that throughout the course of his blog he possibly throw some affiliate links in there and maybe some banners.

Well I believe he did so and that made me feel great that I could actually add some value to his online presence. Being that he always helps me and guides me. So of course the inspiration of this video stemmed from that day+ the fact that I discovered a very affordable screenshot software and wanted to use it:)

So if you are an internet or network marketer of any sort you know that  SPAMMING or trying to sell your business directly is a NO-NO. You must add value to your audience first. But in my opinion there is nothing wrong with collecting a few bucks from guiding your audience in the right direction and services. Hence the term affiliate marketing.

Well I hope this video and article has given some insight to you personal or business life and I hope your day is the best!

Jermaine Steele

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