Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Do You Need Help With ZNZ ONE? Or ZNZ BIG CASH? I Can Help! 3 Ways To Promote Zip Nada Zilch

Well that's me to the left just wanted you to know who you were working with! I also have put my Lead Monster logo below maybe you have saw that before? Anyhow: Let's talk a little bit about how to get traffic for ZNZ-ONE and ZNZ-BIG CASH!

You have joined the program on the web that everyone is talking about ZNZ ONE. You are looking all over the internet for a review that will possibly give you that edge against the competition right? Or you are still looking to sign up? Well the one thing I have learned in ZNZ ONE and any other online money making opportunity for that matter. Fact is that there is no magic bullet like you have heard in the past.

I have learned that there cannot be competition in internet, affiliate and network marketing because a synergy needs to be formed in your network of people, connections, influences and ninja secrets that you all share from. The more people you help the more money you make! Simple formula!

This is where true abundance starts to take play from my experience. But I do not want to get too deep with that stuff I could bore you. Why you really came to this blog was because the title caught your eye and you either need help or are looking to join. So being the nice guy I am, I am going to basically give you 70% of the tactics I use!

The key is to use them DAILY! Yup every single day you need to schedule time for YOUR business! Surprise right? Well let me jump straight in and give the people that are looking to sign up a chance here and then the tactics! 

So if you are looking to join ZNZ ONE click the step 1 button and you will go to a page where you are going to enter your information into my "My Free Cash Machine" capture page. You will then watch a 27 minute webinar and complete your trial offer to qualify to promote ZNZ-ONE and you will later get an email introducing the $60 ZNZ program.

Now that you are signed up you need a marketing system so go ahead and grab that from the step 3 button here :

*Your znz ID # is inside your refferal link under your profile

*Your FCM username can be whatever you like it to be

Ok now your last step before we get into the beef of the situation is to get a domain and everyone in my team uses GDI to connect to My Free Cash Machine I have a video here there the video will show you how to forward your GDI domain and you are set to market! Call me if you get stuck 559-997-6195

Dont forget to put your GDI username into your My Free Cash Machine account!

OK! Now I am going to give you 3 different ways you can market your ZNZ business and if you want or need more help you are gonna have to call me !

1- Backpage- I have found posting ads on Backpage for ZNZ can be very SEO effective when it comes to the search engines picking up terms like: ZNZ ONE, ZNZ ONE REVIEW, ZNZ ONE SCAM, ZNZ ONE LOGIN, ZNZ ONE WEBSITE, ZIP NADA ZILCH and many more. Ok I did that for some keyword pull and may have been why you found my blog.. SO moving on ,,, oh yea the referral link for Backpage here goes


2- Now this method here may really get you a whole a bunch of traffic if you do it right. Well you can go to Animoto  also create an account here at these 3 places

Now these accounts can all take videos from Animoto like 30 sec- 1 minute videos about your ZNZ opportunity, but here is the gold nugget. Those keywords up there^^^ that I just threw into this blog to get more search engine love:) Well you take those same keywords and title the about 5 videos you are going to upload to each channel. 

Even if this took you 4 hours it would be worth the weight trust me! So you are going to want to watch this private video on SEO if you are not sure how to produce these little videos. I have kept this video private and only shared it with my downline so enjoy!


3- Now you can do some PPC for 7 Search which is a PPC network that provides very cheap clicks. I love this place because you can get cheap clicks for about $0.05-0.25 a click! n thats cheap~! So dont tell everyone I gave you these methods they would probably have my head for it!

But I hope whether you are looking to join ZNZ-ONE or just looking to Review ZNZ ONE that you are very open to the different marketing tactics there are available and if you call ask about my Craigslist Ads. So have fun marketing guys and stop jumping from program to program because ZNZ ONE and ZNZ BIG CASH work! You just have to work it !

Jermaine "Lead Monster" Steele




How Does ZNZ-ONE Work? Review/ SCAM? by leadmonster

Monday, September 26, 2011

Get Endless Leads From Craigslist and Backpage! How Do I Post On Craigslist?

So you are tired of your ads getting flagged on Craigslist right? Or maybe Backpage does not seem as nice as they used to be right? Maybe you have tried everything from article and video marketing, SEO, Pay per click advertising and maybe some traffic exchanges or safelists? Well at any rate I can relate to your struggle.

Up until about 9 months ago that is. See 9 months ago I was making about $800 a week with online CPA offers, Clickbank and Amazon products. But then Amazon banned California from promoting Amazon products. So I knew I had to think fast! But I also knew that Craigslist was one of the best places to be able to advertise. But you can only do like 2-3 ads every 48 hours and then to find out your ads got ghosted!

So I got fed up and bought course after course on Craigslist advertising just get sick and tired of looking for the solution to Craigslist. But I also knew my Amazon income was going to drop so I had to replace about $300 a week and knew if I had Craigslist to go with my already powerful online tactics I could reach an easy $5000 a month. I came to find a program and system that made me in the month of august over $4000 with this system alone not including my other income streams. Yes I am the real deal:)

Well time flew and yes I have a way to get you or me or anybody on Craigslist with as many accounts and ads as you may like! No LIE! I also am showing any newbies that buy my coaching a 12 video course on how everything from article and video marketing to PPC, SEO tactics and how to use safelists effectively. 

I have the full solution for you 

So real quick for those of you who do not know me. My name is Jermaine "Lead Monster" Steele I have been marketing online for about 3 years and have learned that hard work pays off!! Being that some of my accomplishments are but not limited to online:

* Making over $1500 in a single week with this same program

*Bringing in average of 8 people a week into GDI(Global Domains)

*Being able to generate over 100 leads in a single day (Yes I have proof)

I can and will help you to grow your online business if you are serious. I am only taking on the next 5 people due to the cost of the information. Now if you cannot afford to invest $397 to get all this  : 

* A technique that will allow you to post endless Craigslist ads

* 500 Backpage ads

* A Blog

* A 30 video series on Wordpress

* My personal 12 video course

* 4 1 hour coaching sessions via Skype

Then I am not too sure you will make it in this industry! Because I am basically handing it to you on a silver platter and after I collect my $1985 total from my students I will begin to coach and train and not have any other focus for 2 weeks.

I also will tell you exactly how you can create and mold your own info product and make money that way too! You cannot pass this up because if you do it will be gone! I am honestly only coaching 5 people and this is not some scarcity ploy!

So I look forward to working with you and I know you are on a safelist or traffic exchange right now because this is the only place I put this ad. But on over 56 safelists so this will go fast!

I will get you to the point where you are getting at least 20 leads a day guarantee !

Jermaine "Lead Monster" Steele


What do The Huffington Post, Drudge Report and Perez Hilton All Have In Common?

Well let's start off with, this site has an Alexa ranking of like 400. The Drudge Report is a popular website by Matt Drudge, whom has established himself as an early pioneer on the Web, covering news and events that the mainstream media ignores. He continues to deliver lively and provocative content to millions of people every day.

This 33 year old kid mus be loving life because this site makes him some 30 million dollars a year! The best part about it for him is that there is no I said no content on his site! I mean no articles, no videos, just links and banners from people who advertise on I mean curated sites are the business in 2011! You can literally have a site now that either gossips or spills out some great info on what people are looking for and make some good money!

For another example you have Perez Hilton who runs this glamorous blog talks solely about what is going on in the entertainment industry and has a flamboyant personality. Like picking a fight with Black Eyed Peas or when Michael Jackson died. He basically said Michael faked his death so he did not have to perform. WTH? But this blog has a 906 Alexa ranking and is worth 32 million dollars. I do not know a blogger alive that would complain about that!

For my last example we have The Huffington Post created by Arianna Huffington in 2005. This blog was created to counter Drudges site She felt she could do well with a site like this. She also offers guests to blog on her blog. Kind of like I do mine:) The difference is she has a #88 Alexa ranking and mine does not ! Haha This site sold for 415 Million! OMG for lack of better words!

So what do all these blogs/sites have in common? Well see nowadays with Google Panda's new algorithmic update, originating from the person who developed this update's last name "Panda" is changing the way people like myself market online. It used to be you could throw up a blog and target some keywords like: Blog marketing, blogging and others, be able to rank your site or blog and collect affiliate commissions from the mass amount of articles you would publish.

Well see now Google Panda now controls that and shows love to blogs that curate information and make it their own. It is a little bit more difficult now but I have the information it takes. So if you are looking to learn what Google loves nowadays in September 2011 be sure to sign up for my mailing list or shoot a personal email. 

I can get you online and marketing in no time. I will show you how you can learn things like: What Google is looking for, SEO, PPC, article and video marketing, how to get tons of Backpage and Craigslist Ads posted! 
So stop wasting your money looking for the golden nugget and let me show you the way !

Jermaine "Lead Monster" Steele


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Getting Started With Your Site

Having a website in today's economy is becoming a must more and more everyday. So if you plan on marketing anything online whether it is auto insurance or Candy. You may need a website yourself.

Think about it, reaching out to millions of people at one time by either email or blog post and having people flocking to your site or opportunity! Would that not be great? Well of course it would, the problem is that most people do not take the time to properly build their website for conversion. 
Therefore hindering some of the potential they may have otherwise had. So what does it take for a successful website? Well of course traffic and some of those traffic getting tactics can include but not limit: Social marketing, article marketing, video marketing, PPC, Solo ads, safelists, media buys, text message marketing, and of course SEO right?

Well this all sounds great but where do you start? Well Wordpress is a great platform to implement your efforts into long term. Especially in the SEO and search engine aspect of things. So instead of trying to figure out where to start go ahead and advance to the next page by way of a link in this article or the image above. See a product done by a great friend of mine!

Friday, September 9, 2011

What Is The Freebie Cash System Bobby Washington ? Review? SCAM ? Guerilla Marketing 101

As economic recession has gripped the market during the recent times, more and more people are looking for extra income opportunities on the Internet. Though there are some companies who have earned a bad repute, but there are some genuine ones who are paying thousands of dollars to thousands of people every month.

If you search the Internet, you will come to know that ZNZ One is such an Internet marketing company which is offering unique earning opportunity to thousands of people who have started working for them. If you study the work details of ZNZ One you can see that it is a very easy job where the big companies are ready to pay the common people for trying out their products and services. As an associate, one is needed to complete their trial offer and get paid. You will also get paid if you make other people join the company.

After completing one ZNZ One trial offer, you are now entitled to promote the program. You can now introduce more people to the program and earn $20 for every people whom you can make to join under you. After completing a few more trial offers, say around four or five, the person becomes eligible for the ZNZ Big Cash program. After completing the offers, the person becomes eligible to promote the ZNZ One big cash $60 program. Another biggest advantage of ZNZ One system is that you will be paid daily for your efforts.

 So, after joining this unique money making opportunity, you shall not have to wait for weeks to see whether it is a legitimate company or not. Within a day or two, you will find money getting transferred to your account.

You can earn more money by combining the ZNZ Big Cash and ZNZ One into a freebie system. You will have to connect your ZNZ ID # from each sign ups and insert them into a freebie cash system you will start getting credit when they will promote the techniques on their own.

If you have any doubt, the best part will be if you go through any one of the freebie cash system review on the Internet. You will find many websites who have written detailed about freebie cash system reviews explaining everything in details. You will be really surprised to see that how the combination of ZNZ One and ZNZ Big cash into a freebie cash system can boost up your earnings to a great extent.

If you go through the inside of a freebie cash method, you can see that there are various selections like training videos, capture pages, etc. Many people who have made this combination are found to be earning thousands of dollars every week after a certain period of time.

Jermaine Steele      


Sunday, September 4, 2011

What Is Guerrilla Marketing 101? Review Bobby Washington

Marketing is the backbone of any business and nothing can succeed without it. Small businesses face this difficulty quite often and as they have very little funds at the initial level to spend on marketing. But everybody wants to grow and there comes the idea of guerilla marketing.
Guerilla marketing is a type of marketing where one can gain huge results after spending quite little. There are various strategies of this type of marketing and some of them include social media, the word of mouth and buzz marketing.
Many people now-a-days are looking for some extra earning from home. Whatever company you join for internet marketing, you need to know the marketing techniques in order to succeed in those businesses. There lies the importance of guerilla marketing 101.
If you search the internet to get some idea about guerilla marketing 101 you will find many websites which have written detailed reports on Guerilla marketing 101 SCAM. After studying those reports, you may feel that the concept of guerilla marketing is an useless one. But those reports are written by such persons who were never serious in their work and have hardly followed the rules mentioned in the guidelines of guerilla marketing 101.
On the other hand, you will get a completely different picture if you read the Guerilla marketing 101 reviews. These reviews will give you a actual picture of the road to success by using the Guerilla marketing 101 techniques. By reading the different Guerilla marketing 101 reviews, you can feel that how many small businesses have become big by using the techniques and the owners are now enjoying a lavish lifestyle.
One can think of quitting his day job only after he gets some success in Internet marketing. If you have got a family, it is almost impossible to quit your job till your internet marketing business does not get established. So, if you want to get established in internet business quite fast, then you must be in the right path from the very beginning. In that case, the best solution will be to buy Guerilla marketing 101 report.
If you search the internet, you can find many persons are selling those reports and you can easily buy guerilla marketing 101 report from any one of them. Some sellers are also giving a video tutorial along with a CD. After paying through PayPal or credit card, you can download the link given by the seller.
Guerilla marketing will let you know step by step guidelines to success. One must remember that most internet marketers spend a lot of money in the wrong direction and finally quit the business, getting no results. The price of a buy Guerilla marketing 101 in that case will be negligible, compared to the returns you may get from the business.

Jermaine Steele


Friday, September 2, 2011

What Is Gano Excel Coffee? Review SCAM? Best Gano Excel Team

Gano Excel is a company which deals with wellness products and coffee products. It has got presence in more than 60 countries of the world. Gano Excel products are also of wide range as they have got different categories of products which include Food Supplement Series, Skin Care series, Personal care products, household series, etc. 

But much more known for the Gano enriched coffee they sell. Due to such huge range of varieties, the Gano Excel products have got a huge demand in the market.

There are many people in the world who are looking for some home based internet marketing jobs. You will be happy to know that Gano Excel offers an excellent multi level marketing plan by which many people are earning a fat amount of money. 

Before entering any online business, you must do some online research about that company. If you do some online research about Gano Excel, you will find that there are many websites which have mentioned detailed report about Gano Excel scam. They try to explain that the products developed by Gano Excel have broken many federal laws and hence must not be recommended to anybody for use.

If you follow the Gano Excel products range, you can see that the products are extremely useful for human health and can be used. The MLM system which they have introduced is unique and very supportive to the people who have joined this system. Many people who are working with the company are getting paid every month on a regular basis.

The company will offer you an unique software named Gano Excel back office, which will really help you to manage your team quite efficiently. You will have to login to your area with a login and password and from there, you can navigate elsewhere.
The compensation plan offered by Gano Excel is also very lucrative. The basic binary plan pays up to 20% of the volume of products sold. 

There are four additional ways of income other than the basic binary plan. They are direct commissions, fast start bonuses, bonus pools and matching bonuses. A very attractive thing about Gano Excel compensation plan is the factor that there is a minimum of 50% payout guaranteed for those who are working on the field. 

There can be some fluctuation with the binary compensation plan, but it is quite easy to achieve the 50% mark as it can be done by doing some adjustments with the percentage of matching bonus payout. If this can be followed, then the matching bonus can be greater during some months.

A deeper look into the Gano Excel company shows how much legitimate is the company. It has got an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and it is also a member of the DSA. So, while working be rest assured that you are working for a genuine and legitimate company.

Gano Excel also in some cases integrates a lead generation system that is called Unlimited Profits by Robert Hollis. Which is used to capture leads via Robert Hollis great video page. This system is proven to convert leads for your Gano Excel Business! You can view the system via any link on this page!

Jermaine Steele


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