Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Do You Need Help With ZNZ ONE? Or ZNZ BIG CASH? I Can Help! 3 Ways To Promote Zip Nada Zilch

Well that's me to the left just wanted you to know who you were working with! I also have put my Lead Monster logo below maybe you have saw that before? Anyhow: Let's talk a little bit about how to get traffic for ZNZ-ONE and ZNZ-BIG CASH!

You have joined the program on the web that everyone is talking about ZNZ ONE. You are looking all over the internet for a review that will possibly give you that edge against the competition right? Or you are still looking to sign up? Well the one thing I have learned in ZNZ ONE and any other online money making opportunity for that matter. Fact is that there is no magic bullet like you have heard in the past.

I have learned that there cannot be competition in internet, affiliate and network marketing because a synergy needs to be formed in your network of people, connections, influences and ninja secrets that you all share from. The more people you help the more money you make! Simple formula!

This is where true abundance starts to take play from my experience. But I do not want to get too deep with that stuff I could bore you. Why you really came to this blog was because the title caught your eye and you either need help or are looking to join. So being the nice guy I am, I am going to basically give you 70% of the tactics I use!

The key is to use them DAILY! Yup every single day you need to schedule time for YOUR business! Surprise right? Well let me jump straight in and give the people that are looking to sign up a chance here and then the tactics! 

So if you are looking to join ZNZ ONE click the step 1 button and you will go to a page where you are going to enter your information into my "My Free Cash Machine" capture page. You will then watch a 27 minute webinar and complete your trial offer to qualify to promote ZNZ-ONE and you will later get an email introducing the $60 ZNZ program.

Now that you are signed up you need a marketing system so go ahead and grab that from the step 3 button here :

*Your znz ID # is inside your refferal link under your profile

*Your FCM username can be whatever you like it to be

Ok now your last step before we get into the beef of the situation is to get a domain and everyone in my team uses GDI to connect to My Free Cash Machine I have a video here there the video will show you how to forward your GDI domain and you are set to market! Call me if you get stuck 559-997-6195

Dont forget to put your GDI username into your My Free Cash Machine account!

OK! Now I am going to give you 3 different ways you can market your ZNZ business and if you want or need more help you are gonna have to call me !

1- Backpage- I have found posting ads on Backpage for ZNZ can be very SEO effective when it comes to the search engines picking up terms like: ZNZ ONE, ZNZ ONE REVIEW, ZNZ ONE SCAM, ZNZ ONE LOGIN, ZNZ ONE WEBSITE, ZIP NADA ZILCH and many more. Ok I did that for some keyword pull and may have been why you found my blog.. SO moving on ,,, oh yea the referral link for Backpage here goes


2- Now this method here may really get you a whole a bunch of traffic if you do it right. Well you can go to Animoto  also create an account here at these 3 places

Now these accounts can all take videos from Animoto like 30 sec- 1 minute videos about your ZNZ opportunity, but here is the gold nugget. Those keywords up there^^^ that I just threw into this blog to get more search engine love:) Well you take those same keywords and title the about 5 videos you are going to upload to each channel. 

Even if this took you 4 hours it would be worth the weight trust me! So you are going to want to watch this private video on SEO if you are not sure how to produce these little videos. I have kept this video private and only shared it with my downline so enjoy!


3- Now you can do some PPC for 7 Search which is a PPC network that provides very cheap clicks. I love this place because you can get cheap clicks for about $0.05-0.25 a click! n thats cheap~! So dont tell everyone I gave you these methods they would probably have my head for it!

But I hope whether you are looking to join ZNZ-ONE or just looking to Review ZNZ ONE that you are very open to the different marketing tactics there are available and if you call ask about my Craigslist Ads. So have fun marketing guys and stop jumping from program to program because ZNZ ONE and ZNZ BIG CASH work! You just have to work it !

Jermaine "Lead Monster" Steele




How Does ZNZ-ONE Work? Review/ SCAM? by leadmonster

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