Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mass Money Makers

So, Mass Money Makers is just about to launch and it seems to like that everyone is on board.

I am sure that you will receive like ten more emails about it, but I got a sneak peek at the product, and want to give you my review.

So, what is Mass Money Makers?

It's based on a simple concept that works (and works well)...this concept is what allows us to rank on 1st page of Google within two to three weeks for just about any keyword out there...

...then we take those same rankings and get them to build massive (really massive) lists...which in turn are piped through "mass money funnels" and the end result is money.

Simple, yet very powerful. Indeed it is, and that's why they've simplified it into four core videos that are 2 to 3 hours each, where they break down everything in minute detail.

Can you get any better then that?

So in the end, I vote for Mass Money Makers. It's a great product, that really works.

If you've been looking for a way to make money online, then you really need to get in on it before the launch is completed.

When they first opened the doors, they said the software would be limited. I just got an update from them and as of now they only have 17 spots left!

I highly recommend that you get your hands on this software right now!

GO here:

Monday, December 13, 2010

Steve Goody Does It All For You


Dear Future Internet Millionaire,
The Facts cannot be denied! Over the last few months the world has changed. We all find ourselves immersed in what's being called the New Economy. However, amid all the doom and gloom - lost jobs, vanishing income, shortened careers, and out of business signs there is hope. Fortunately, for those of you who have made it to this web page you will find that this change may be difficult but this change also brings with it Opportunity Possibility and Real Prosperity. The opportunity to recapture your future and take charge of your financial destiny
And the possibilities that it brings are endless. 

Maybe you want to establish some Money Stability in your life. Create another money source so it's there in case your company downsize your position. Maybe you're ready to Take one more shot at success. Or maybe you're just fed up and You're ready to take a stand. Let's face it no one is going to give you a better life than the one you can create for yourself. And we want to help. I do know this much, you got here because you are trying to find something different, something better. You are searching for solutions that fit your needs and could potentially change your life, aren't you? 

                Click Here To Visit The Website

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ham, Turkey Or Both???


Traffic Explosion

Well ,so because I am writing this article you may think it is about Turkey, Ham , Stuffing, Yams or some other great festive food. But actually the push behind writing this article is whether or not as an Internet Marketer you have the ability to absorb the huge amount of information that goes 100MPH your way. Meaning that there is loads and loads of information and resources that we must understand as marketers in order to become successful.So what I am going to do today is direct you to some tools that will help you be able to eat exactly what it is you dish out. I am going to direct you to a source that will help you get traffic and FAST!

I am also going to direct you to a video on how to  get organized therefore increasing your chances of being ready for a great opportunity. You also need to have a mentor if you wish to be able to digest all the information at a reasonable  pace. So I will direct you to an individual who has helped me to understand marketing at a higher level. He has helped me to be able to understand how to create a Facebook ad that makes over $400 a day and generates over 10 leads or more a day. His name is Jonathan Budd and his understanding of marketing has generated him and his team 10s of millions of dollars in a few short years.

By me showing you how to get traffic, get organized and find a mentor you will have exceeded 97% of marketers who do not chose to do so and will never make a dime in this industry. So lets get started !

STEP 1 -  Go to This link now and sign up now !! This will take you through a process to set-up your own account. Just do it !

STEP 2 - Now go to My blog post from August and see how I suggest you get focused online and get organized. This will help you trust me if you do exactly what you are supposed to in small bites and DO IT!

STEP 3 - Last Last but not least go here now and watch one of Jonathan Budds videos or join one of his coaching programs that range from $100-$500

Well lets hope this helps you decide whether you want to have Ham, Turkey or Both. But it is both for me along with all the sides to go with because my business is on autopilot and I love to do fun things like being around my kids and enjoying the day instead of going crazy trying to learn new tactics and throwing up most of it because I cannot digest what I put on my plate!

Jermaine "Lead Monster" Steele

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mobile Mastermind

This post is to give a overview of Adam Horowitz Mobile Mastermind. Mobile Mastermind is a course put together by the very young Adam Horowitz, creator of Mobile Monopoly. There is no doubt that this guy knows his mobile stuff and Mobile Mastermind is going to be a complete 6v week extensive training from Adam Horowitz himself as well as other " GURUS from our industry.

The mobile marketing industry is becoming the next biggest thing in internet marketing and Mobile Monopoly was huge as well. This guy knows his stuff and has paid some top marketers to be able to collaborate in this extensive 6 week training course called Mobile Mastermind. You can ensure he and his team will walk you through step by step in creating your own mobile campaigns to tap into one of the least untapped markets in the world so you to can get $0.01-0.10 clicks from people viewing their mobile phones. Believe it works too because I have done it myself and have proof on my You Tube channel. So stop lagging, get your butt into gear and go n check out Mobile Mastermind NOW!!!>>>>

I will give you more insight after I buy and use the course but I am positive this is going to be huge and do not miss out on my Fast Action Bonuses that you will get by purchasing Mobile Mastermind from my blog or any other review sight I have for mobile mastermind.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What Is Linky Tools And How Do You Use It??

Hey everybody how is it going in your marketing day? Well I stumbled upon this new tool that you can put on your site to link to others sites and create another source of sites linking to your website or blog creating positive Alexa ratings for your site or blog.

The person that leaves their link on your site also benefits from leaving their link on your site or blog by having free advertising from people visiting your blog or site and leaving their MCLinky there.

So just watch the video below and see how it works and how you can get it on your blog or site. If you like what you saw here today please LIKE my fanpage with the banner below.

Jermaine "Lead Monster" Steele | Promote Your Page Too

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How To Put HTML On Your Facebook Profile or Fanpage

Hey everbody well I have had quite a few individuals inquire about how to create a fanpage and add in HTML as well as putting HTML on your Facebook profile so your visitors can be able to subscribe to your information or blog. You can also use this tool to put banners or products you are promoting and then drive traffic to them so you can get a double lead. First they like your fanpage and then they subscribe to your mailing list !! Great tool and it is being used by more and more Facebook users in 2010.

So now you know how to promote using fbml from Facebook and you can ignite your customers fire when they see your great looking fanpage or profile. Have a productive day and hopr this helps.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What Is Alert Pay And How Does It Work?

What is Alert Pay and how does it work? Well first off Alert Pay is in over 190 countries and will very well be in all countries in due time.  This site is established for people to conduct either their personal or business transactions. It provides a secure central location for people to buy and sell products, as well as donate or accept debts online. This is a very useful tool for your business as it allows you to accept credit and debit cards online and conduct business under your business name.

Alert Pay also allows you to send invoices to remind your customers of past due transactions. You can exchange currency for any country for a small nominal fee with Alert Pay .  You also have the option with the business account to pay several people at once for salaries or just a simple job done . Alert Pay in my opinion is almost identical to Pay-Pal. Accept for the fact that Pay-Pal is probably more known.

They also have a referral program where you can earn money for referring people to Alert Pay . After 10 referrals they will pay you $10 per referral. This could add up to a pretty hefty comission check if you are a super affiliate like me :)

You can earn some really decent money doing this as it is easy to get people to sign up for something they would have otherwise done anyways. So I hope this has helped and yea Alert Pay does work and you can watch my tutorial video on how to create an Alert Pay account to better inform you.

Monday, September 13, 2010

2 Steps On How To Create A Solo Ad From A Safelist Account

So you have an online business and want to learn how to make some money , but you have tried it all and no luck huh? Well I kind of know the feeling as I have had hundreds of days pass without making just one Clickbank or affiliate sale.

Well those days have been over for me for quite some time now.I really was tired of writing articles , making videos, chasing leads , talking to my friends about my biz opportunity and much more time wasting stuff. So I started to use only the tactics that were pulling at least some traffic and making some money and becoming great at doing those things before I decided to venture off to yet another time consuming tactic that would make me about yea you guessed it ZERO dollars!

So I am going to share one of the most effective ways I have found to market Clickbank products. You probably know by now by the title that it is Solo Ads . This has became one of my most effective way along with blogging to make affiliate sales and comissions.


If you have not signed up for a safelist account yet watch the first video below and make an account at Ad Tactics. You can use any other safelist site that does solo ads , however I have found this to be the most effective. So watch this video and move on to step 2.



Now that you have the safelist account and understand how to use this , you can go ahead and watch the next video and I will show you how to promote an affiliate product from Clickbank and how to do so with a Solo Ad . These ads are usually anywhere from $10-$120 ,but do not worry because if you are going to spend money on marketing this is huge for your revenue if you utilize the tactics correctly. 



So hope this has helped you to understand very effective way of advertising your or your affiliate product.

Make today a productive day!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

What Is Safelist Advertising And Is It effective?

So I am going to share a form of marketing that lately has been very good to me with the products I have been promoting and the audience I have oblivously been targeting is hungry for traffic. Why you ask? Well because Free Safelist Advertising targets entreprenuers , business owners, work at home pros and much more that are already on a network for people that need traffic and what better than to promote traffic products right?


Well in case you are new to the game let me give you a little insight on safelist advertising. I have used it for about 6 months now and have just off the affiliate program they offer I have made over $100 and using their free credit mailer list, so basically everytime you view others ads for 10-15 seconds you earn credits and can use those credits to blast emails to their over 13,000 people list. You can promote whatever you like with those credits and promote whatever product you like and capitalize on the traffic hungry viewers. This is just one Free Safelist Advertising  advertising platform you can use . Safelists are huge and there are plenty of networks out there. 

Adtactics is just one and I have also used there solo ads when I run out of credits to blast everybody with a solo ad for $20. This is also very effective for myself and my affiliate products. You can watch the video and sign up for free to Ad Tactics. Watch the video and see how exactly to do so on the screen.

Hope this has helped and the link below is the Safelist advertising platform and the banner is a product you can promote to them.  

Effective Email Advertising

Saturday, August 28, 2010

How To Set Up A Domain

In the internet marketing industry there a few things that you must have in order to be successful in most cases these few things are a domain name, $1.99 Web Hosting  and some time, dedication and persistancy. So you think you can make some money easily online and want to create financial freedom for yourself and family right? Well I can tell you from experience that it is very possible that you will make some money if you follow the easy steps that it takes to create your empire. But the empire is not created over night you have to do alot of different things like promoting your website with things like social networking, solo ads, craigslist , article marketing , video marketing, SEO , PPC and many other tactics that will help you grow your online business.


But for the many who are having a hard time just buying a domain or just do not understand what a domain is I have created this video and article to expand your knowledge. The domain name is only the name of the site you would like to send visitors to like " www.thehalloweenhotspot.com" or " www.thehalloweensupercenter.com" this allows people to disinguish your brand or product through your domain name and they can type in whatever domain they would like to visit. Hopefully yours:) So watch this tutorial now and find out how to purchase your own domain  name and then watch my video on how to aquire web hosting.

Thanks again and have a productive day.

Monday, August 23, 2010

How To Start Your Own Blogger Account

Well this blog post is actually for a specific crowd of people who have asked me " How do you make money online"? " What if I do not have a website ?" Then what can I do? Well this post is specifically for that crowd and I hope you guys find value from this video and understand the power of affiliate marketing if utilized in optimized ways. You can also use social media to drive traffic to your blog and websites as well as many other tactics. You can make some pretty decent money with this type of blog if you can learn to drive the traffic to your blog. I can help with that if you get stuck. So please enjoy my blog post and attached video and feel free to comment. 

Thursday, August 19, 2010

How To Get Focused Online


Attraction Marketing System
3 Ways To Get Focused

1. Forget about being overwhelmed- In today’s market I understand it is so easy to be overwhelmed by all the different business opportunities. But I also understand after years of marketing online that you cannot focus on what you cannot control. You have to focus on day to day tactics like writing articles, creating videos, blog posts, social networking and maybe even some paid campaigns, if it is in your budget. These activities will not only keep your mind off of being overwhelmed but will actually produce results over time. Therefore creating success within your business. As an internet or network marketer you are always going to be a little overwhelmed by all the information, software and training events that will come your way. So focus on the activities little by little and you will prosper.

2. Get Organized- If you are serious about your online or offline business you must get organized. Meaning if you have an office, keep it clean and neat with all items in place where they go. You can also try having separate binders for each project. This helps with finding a paper, invoice or possibly a brainstorming note pad you have. You can locate things easily and work a lot faster when this happens, allowing you more time for other projects or maybe even for your “why” factor , your family right? After all, this is why you do what you do correct? You can also buy items for your office or workroom in bulk in order to save even more time for the important stuff like gaining and calling leads. This leaves you open and focused for your team and able to come up with new creative ideas.

3. Plan Ahead- Well of course you have heard the saying “ If you fail to plan, you mine as well plan to fail”. Planning is key and a very important initiative in my online business. I always write down exactly what it is that I am going to do. One reason I do this is to push myself to do day by day take steps toward my goals. This is very key to doing what you actually say you are going to do. Another reason I do this is because our success is determined by our daily actions. Well at least that is what John Maxwell has said. A very successful entrepreneur You can do whatever you like but I guarantee this tactic works and will influence you to do your work because in a way you are holding yourself accountable. Treat your business like a hobby and you will get hobby results. Treat you business like a business and you will get business results. People will show up for a 9-5 job knowing that if they are late or do not show up there are repercussions. But if we do not show up for our online business is their accountability? I know there is in mine because I have a calendar and a very busy one at that , so I will be behind and my days will not go as planned. Producing failure and discouragement . So this lead me to making a video of showing you a couple simple things I do to plan ahead. I usually plan ahead about a week or so. But you can do days or months if you like . So stay focused and check out my blog!


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How To Make Money With CPA Leads

Maybe you have seen my video on how to make some  money online with CPA leads great website that actually lets you get paid per action. For promoting and having people take surveys from your site, blog or social network you can even use pay-per click advertising and optimize your efforts with these tactics. You can find low mobile targeted visitors through various sites and get some $0.01 cent clicks and then for example if you are paid $1.73 per action like someone taking a survey or downloading a game, you can get about 173 clicks before you need just on person to download or take your survey or play your game.


I have given some examples of how I have utilized the social networking tactics and made a few cents literally. But I am going to in the very near future release some videos of me using ninja tactics while monetizing my opt-in list immediatly after they opt-in. You can actually make your money for marketing while gaining free leads if you play your cards right.

So yeah get this right , you get penny opt-ins and monetize your campaigns so that you can get some or all of your money back from cost per action sites. Watch this video and get some of the insights on this very tactic that could make you some bucks. I am in the process of creating a price tag for this ninja tactic video series. Make an offer and dont miss the below video haha.

Jermaine Steele

Sunday, August 15, 2010

How To MonetizeYour Blog

I was talking to a very business savvy individual the other day and we connected very well. He always had been giving me advice on what to do on my blog. Maybe some tips on increasing traffic or some very valuable FaceBook tips.

I always love when he gives me ideas and adds value to my online business because it motivates me and makes me work that much harder. So anyways the point behind all of this is that I thought to myself , what can I do for him?

He is much a more advanced internet marketer than myself and his authority perception I feel is much more than mine. So how can I add value to him. Well then we Skyped. ( If that is even the proper way to say it?) lol . But you know what I mean, we connected through Skype and of course like always he was busy adding value to myself and my business.

So while we were on the phone I just visited his blog like I always do. While I was there I noticed that his blog content was great like always, but then something clicked. He did not have any links or affiliate links that would actually enable him to make some money if he wanted to there for an extra income stream.

So I suggested that he monetize his blog, meaning of course that throughout the course of his blog he possibly throw some affiliate links in there and maybe some banners.

Well I believe he did so and that made me feel great that I could actually add some value to his online presence. Being that he always helps me and guides me. So of course the inspiration of this video stemmed from that day+ the fact that I discovered a very affordable screenshot software and wanted to use it:)

So if you are an internet or network marketer of any sort you know that  SPAMMING or trying to sell your business directly is a NO-NO. You must add value to your audience first. But in my opinion there is nothing wrong with collecting a few bucks from guiding your audience in the right direction and services. Hence the term affiliate marketing.

Well I hope this video and article has given some insight to you personal or business life and I hope your day is the best!

Jermaine Steele

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

5 Ways To Grow Your Network

There are so many networks out there it is hard to chose which ones to go with and know which ones actually produce results. It is obvious that the more people you have in your network, the more people that benefit from your knowledge, business or product. So the goal is to produce more eyeballs connecting to your network, in order to produce long term passive results, I have came up with the 5 best ways I have used to produce results without all the fluff. So here goes.

#1- List Dot Com  - This site is one of the viral list building membership sites that I use and it was created by none other than Guru Mike Filsaime. He obviously knows what it takes to build a huge opt-in list. You can sign up here for free and use the free promotional tools section to promote on safelists or advertise to your own list and get them to join , therefore growing your network rapidly with the help of people who sign up through you.

#2- Viral Url - Is the
second Viral List building site that I use to generate leads and grow my network. You use a URL from this site and promote it on any of your sites and when people click on the thin banner shown across the top of your site, they than are in your downline and you can now mail them within your own network. Therefore creating yet another way for your network or lead system to grow.This site also shortens and protects your links from your affiliate commissions from being stolen. This site is also a free site.

#3- People String - Is my #3 pick and is a network that lets you make money taking surveys , logging into your account , $0.50 for every referral and also you can blog here and it lets potential leads or business partners see what you are all about. This network is huge and is growing very rapidly. This is also another  free site that you can utilize .

#4- Mobile Monopoly - Mobile Monopoly is actually a software that converts your Aweber Opt-In forms to a mobile form allowing you to capitalize on the industry that is 5X bigger than regular internet. The mobile industry is huge and untapped allowing you to receive 0.03-0.10 clicks compared to ugly Google and Facebook PPC . This is huge and everyone is flocking to Clickbank to purchase Mobile Monopoly because it is the highest gravity product and everyone is talking about it! So go now!!

Attraction Marketing System#5- My Lead System Pro- This is last on my list but for sure not the least and as a matter of fact should have been first on my list due to all the leads it has helped me create. This system helps you create a capture page has tutorials on everything under the sun like video marketing, article marketing and many other network marketing tactics. You can also learn how to brand your own business versus someone else's business and have your audience captivated. 

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Does Mobile Monopoly Work? + 5 Online Tactics To Explode Your Business

You are looking into starting an online business and are are surfing the web seeing all the hype about how a college kid makes $1,002,982 his first year and cant even read. All he did was put up some website and shablam!! Rich!  Haha yea sure I wish because I would not be doing all the activities like article marketing, video marketing , 12,987 social media networks, lol not really but it feels like it sometimes.

That is just a few tactics and of course there is classified ads, safelist advertising, Ebay/classsifieds for Ebay, Better Networker, Bloggingcreating websites to expose myself, creating YouTube videos, drop cards and numerous other tactics in order to just create a few leads online ? That is alot of effort right?

Of course it is , it is also ridiculous that you put all that time and effort and do not have but 1-2 leads daily 3 tops right? Well let me show you a combination of efforts that I use to create anywhere from 5-25 leads daily. So here goes and these are not promised results but results that I am having( disclaimer )haha .

1. MLSP - MLSP is my #1 pick based on the simple fact that I did not really see many results until I ran into AJ and Marquita Cummings at The No Excuses Summit! . This system has pieced together my online business like you would never believe.

2. Mobile Monopoly - This untapped system will give you an idea of what mobile marketing can do for your online business is going to make you sick after you see what you could have been doing to explode your business.

3. Aweber - This is an absolute if you are looking long term to gain an online presence and retain your followers leads. This is a autoreponder Email service, meaning that when someone visits your website and decides to follow you by opting into your list they are automatically responded to by whatever it is you want them to see or obtain.

4. Domain Name - You would also need a domain name that can purchased through  Hostgator or any other domain name carrier for that matter.

5. Web Hosting - This is what will host your domain name in order to function as a website. This is an easy to follow set-up procedure and if you can not figure it out I will personally help you out myself. Just E-mail me, but I ams ure if you are thinking about taking this route . You semi know what you are doing.

That is it with these companies you can start your own campaign and start driving leads to your offers and MLSP and Mobile Monopoly will explode your business if you have the time and effort to put into your online business.

                     Attraction Marketing System

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Special E-book Package Delivered To Your Inbox For 17 Bucks! + Bonus 30 Minute Consultation With Me !

I know nowadays you can come across a  lot of E-books and resource tools that will gain you knowledge and more power for your business. The only problem now is where do you start with all the re-hashed up information? What do you do when you receive the information? What happens when you apply it and it does not work? Well these are all questions that you may have and I am more than willing to answer for you.

I am working on setting up, planning and executing my own weekly webinars in the next 3 months and until then I will be offering 30 min phone calls for advice suggestions for your blog or just simple conversations about MLM, MLSP, affiliate or network marketing. These phone calls will be set-up to walk you through any internet problems you may have. I just remember starting out and not being able to create my own capture page, drive more traffic to my website, create a website , create a blog or just simply how to create a social networking account.

I would have paid over $100 easy to have all my questions answered about the industry. I am not saying I know all about the industry, however will surely be able to answer your questions or find great results for the answer.

I have included a box on the sidebar and you can take the survey to give an idea of what you would like to learn more about. The tactics you receive in these E-books and knowledge you gain from our personal phone call will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

This is a list of E-books you will receive along with your consultation

  1. How to get rich
  2. Internet marketing pitfalls
  3. How to niche
  4. Instant info riches
  5. Law of success
  6. Manifesting you mindset
  7. My niche toolbox
  8. Money Bombs

                          So Go Now And Talk To You Soon!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

3 Explosive Ways To Network Within Your Networking Community

So you have been online for quite some time now and you are connecting with people on FaceBook, Twitter and your blog and you are on your way to financial freedom? Uh right. No it does not work that easy ,you have to find other affective and cost affective ways to connect with your community without breaking the bank. But you want to have the up to date, captivating information that everybody desires. But not much of a budget well here are 3 cost effective however not free ways to network and apply yourself at the same time building relationships and potential business ventures or services rendered. You must spend some money at times to make money. So this is my list of 3 ways to network within your networking community.

  1. Better Networker- Better Networker is a online community of entreprenuers, MLM, work from home moms, dads and every other variety of business savvy networkers all on one website. This is where you can get an idea of what a Better Networker profile will look like Better Networker Profile Example . They have a free membership with limited functionalities that are well worth you spending you time on a product. ( FREE) .That was the free version and the trial is $1 then $9.95 per month and your capabilities are greater like add unlimited video and articles to gain organic, natural traffic and maximize your profits.
  2.  Solo Ads - These are also very profitable to use in conjunction with MLSP to pull in leads from the safelist credit surfers. You can find quality leads there as well as creating relationships from the start with your new subscriber list, this is where you grow you. Now it is time to take action and network with these people and not be too busy or scared to call your new leads.  These will typically cost you from $7-$20. pretty cost controlling if you ask me. See my article on 5 Marketing Must Haves For More Ideas
  3. FaceBook PPC- This is becoming a strong cost effective way when managed correctly and tied together with some keyword strategies can play a strong part in pulling in quality relationships and leads. You must be strategic about this or your results most often will not be many of greatness. Minimum $5.00 budget for day and you can test to see your strategic efforts.

So now go and sign up for each of these accounts and see you how you too can  create a passive income while doing what you like to do . Network!

    Attraction Marketing System

    Thursday, July 29, 2010

    What Is Affiliate Marketing And Does It Work?

    7 Easy Steps To Affiliate Marketing
    So most people nowadays want to start a business online. Like internet , MLM or network marketing and they want to get rich overnight or push a magic button  and money will appear. Get real and know that all of these outlined marketing positions do work, given the time, focus and dedication like any other job or work that you may encounter.

    Network and Internet marketing kind of tie together with MLM. In a sense that you must use the internet and networking skills to find potential prospects via social networks, blogs and forums. You can make some serious money once you get heavy into network marketing in conjunction with MLM. Like they say "it takes money to make money" Your marketing budget will heavily determine how many and the quality of leads you will begin to attract. Hence the term attraction marketing. As your knowledge begins to grow along with the # of times your followers are seeing you certain places like social media sites, blogs and other public events will determine your reputation and credibility. As you continue to grow through the ropes you can monetize your sites and blogs while funneling potential prospects to your business. Hence the term affiliate marketing.

    Affiliate marketing is used alot in the starting stages of people's MLM businesses and websites. It is so easy that you do not have to market or make your own product you can simply market someone elses product or service. This tactic helped me to generate over $1800 in less than a month promoting The Tweet Tank when it first came out. (Twitter Automator Software).

    The tactics I used during that about 24 day period was as follows.

    1. The Tweet Tank - The same software I was promoting I used to generate leads via Twitter.

    2. Blasted my list- I blasted my list twice a week showing them the results that I was receiving with this software.

    3. Writing articles- The Info Mine is a revenue sharing site and you can post articles there and you used to be able to reference to your site, but not anymore. But it still pays pretty good with Adsense.

    4. Blogging - Blogging is becoming a very powerful tool and has been powerful just that now more people are realizing it. Google loves fresh content and if you provide it they will send the traffic.

    5. PPC- Of course without FaceBook and Adwords my # would not have been possible but keep in mind I only spent about $80 to market this product and got over 67 leads. Yea I had Adwords down until I got the Google slap. But thats ok Google I still heart you. Well kind of lol

    Well I hope this has given you a basic idea of what affiliate marketing is about and when to use it. Or at least an overview. Feel free to leave comments and feedback below I have included a link to your very own download to 7 easy steps to affiliate marketing just for reading this article.

    Wednesday, July 28, 2010

    Is People String Worth While?

    Well one of the very first opportunities that came my way as I started showing interest in the online field was E-How and People String Network . They both struck as a great opportunity with a couple of sites that ranked pretty high with the search engines. So I decided to venture off and try both hand in hand, it was a matter of time before I started to see results with E-How . Maybe just like $5-7 a month at first but the more articles you write obliviously the more views and clicks on advertisements within your article therefore increasing your revenue.

    So the other People String Network was one was that I found interesting that they had their own Google Ads network set-up within their own network collecting that revenue. But of course that was just one network at the time I myself saw offered that could just log-in and gain points to redeem later. You also gain revenue share per month like I started just receiving payments within the network of like $2-$4 . Also $0.50 sign up referral per stringer. This means for every person you sign up and they sign up six levels deep you will receive commission on. You can also take surveys and make special offers here. So there is a pretty big opportunity to gain some pretty big bucks in People String Network But for me it is just a tool that will earn me a few extra bucks throughout time. You can also blog here and promote some other great products here. So feel free to join my string now for FREE! We can connect here and use these great resources given to us and monetize them all in the process. Have a very productive day.

    PS: To the answer the question stated above , yes People String Network is worth while and will create some great things for you Google wise. My articles and name comes up in conjunction with People String so that is always a good sign when worrying about SEO.

    It is ridiculously simple to explode via the internet and social bookmarking.

    If you can emphasize that , there is a business within itself

    Jermaine Steele

                      -JOIN MY STRING NOW FOR FREE-

    Tuesday, July 27, 2010

    3 Effective Ways To Market Yourself Not Your Service Or Product

                       Attraction Marketing System

    Nowadays there are just about 7,798,976 too many network, affiliate and network marketers out there trying to market their product and not themselves. What's the difference? Well if you tried to sell you brother a vacuum cleaner by showing up at his doorstep unannounced do you think he would by your product? Uh , probably not. Now if you told him you only had a few sales lately and needed just 1 more to make your goal and he would really be doing you a favor just by him letting you do a presentation at his house. Do you think he would help you out? Most likely.

    Now if you did not call him at all and told him to connect with you on FaceBook and he saw that you were already finding leads and making sales. He also saw that you had about 767 more friends than he did. Dont you think he would probably come to you and say " hey bro whats the deal about FaceBook and the whole vaccum thing about. Most Def he would, hence the term attraction marketing. Then he might even ask you to come to his house and do that presentation. Then of course you would say" I am busy and do not have time haha JK.

    But really this is the problem that most network marketers out there have is that they are willing to become leaders when someone knights them leaders. Haha cmon I mean you are telling me that these are the people you want in your business. The ones that only will follow you when  you become a leader. Well guess what you have to become the leader before the people will follow and unforatunatly it is so hard to market yourself in a cyberspace full of  regurgatated junk. Stop marketing to a cold market and get with 2010.

    So you have to create a name for yourself and then reap the benefits , not the other way around. Why do you think that the top producers will always say that there is no magic bullet ( get rich scheme ). Because its the truth and you do have to work hard at marketing yourself and not your product! Here are a few ways that you can do so while still making money online.

    1. Social Media- I have to pick social media because without it you are dead in the water. You leave your potential fan crowd, business partners and followers nowhere to go. This increases the chances of them coming back to you Twitter, My Space or Facebook and allows them to gain value from your social media sites.

    2. Blogging- This is a great and powerful tool to utilize when trying to market yourself in the network marketing industry. After attracting potential leads, prospects or  business partners you should now funnel them through to your blog. Capturing their attention and possibly their E-mails as well in order to build your list. You can create plenty of valuable content based on products or systems and gain trust within in the internet community and create repeat visits to your site. Therefore increasing your chance of a conversion. The potential prospects will continue to follow you as long as you keep them up to date and add value to their business. You should give them a steady stream of information maybe about 3-5 times a week to their inbox. If you let up they will follow someone else and you will lose a faithful follower.

    3. Positioning- Last but not least, positioning is so key in this industry for the simple fact that if you do not position yourself in front of people that find your information valuable your business or personal standpoint will obviously deteriorate. You must put yourself around like minded marketers instead of like minded family members that will never buy your product unless your life depended on it haha. You can join certain sites like Better Networker and Linked In thats positions you in front of other entreprenuers that will find your information valuable even if you only talk about what you do in your business. This is stuff that others have never seen , even though it seems like simple basic stuff to you they little motivators to keep them in the right direction. This being another reason its so important to keep adding value to your list.

    Well I hope this put a couple things into perspective and thanks for always supporting my information. Feel free to leave feedback and comments below. It helps to give me an idea of how valuable the information I am giving really is.

                           Attraction Marketing System

    Monday, July 26, 2010

    Jermaine's 5 Basic Marketing Must Haves

    Well there are many many marketing strategies out there today and you probably know about a whole bunch of ways to get your site optimized, get views and ratings etc.. But are you really applying them?

    Well whether you are or not , you will definatley when trying to grow your MLM or personal brand online. Need these basic 5 principles when growing your business. These are my 5 must haves and played a key role to my substantial list growth and ongoing success.

    1. Social media is first here basically because if you are not networking within your community and supporting others in the process you are just simply not going to do business in the log run. So create a Twitter, FaceBook and YouTube account and fill it with content non-stop. DO not be afraid of the naysayers. These people will always surround you. Simply do not associate with these individuals:) This one is free so if you are on a shoestring budget this will help.

    2.Blog is second and it is obvious that if you want to connect with others on somewhere. Your blog will be a great centralized location to connect and add value to others. So create a Wordpress or Blogger account and connect with all of your followers there. Just do some simple articles that you know will help them, along with videos , training series and links to other great resourceful things. Before you know it you will see the "Attraction" come in to effect. People will start to join your list, provided you have one must have #3 haha. This is also free and is $0 so far.

    3. Autoresponder is third and is a must have if you want to capture the information of others to provide them with value. You can use Aweber or GEt response and many others. But Aweber is my choice. See links on side or below for Aweber. You can utilize this to retain you visitors attention and let them know about up and coming promotions or reccomendations.

    4. Marketing budget of at least $25-$250 a month and of course the higher level of agressiveness and dedication you can apply accordingly. You can do like some simple PPC on Facebook or Adwords, some article writing and submission. Solo ads are as well a strong favorite of mine is Ad Tactics they are a great 12,500+ deep and this is very effective in creating 10-15 leads for about $20. You cant beat this strategy even sometimes with PPC. At least for my case that is. So utilize your budget close when you first start. Then just spend less than you make and invest the profit. You will see substantial ROI if you focus and create your own funnel carefully. These are only my opinions.

    5. MLSP is last but most def not least. This system called
    My Lead System Pro is a system that I ran into and is simply expoding my personal lead growth as well as network marketing knowledge. I would have to describe it as a Online University for Entreprenuers. Really I am amazed and excited to share the knowledge soaked up from this system at hand. You must have this system if you are serious about generating leads. This will cost you $29.99 the first 30 days and $59.99 after that per month and by far out weighs the competition, branding you and your future business as well as teach you agressive marketing tactics in the procsess.
    So all in all you will have spent about $100-$150 per month to grow your business at a steady pace. If you are not thinking of spending at least this amount per month. You are probably still treating your business or MLM program like a hobby.
    Please feel free to leave comments and feedback on our blogs or sites. We appreciate all your support and following.

    The sole difference between you the 97% and the 3% of online marketers is the 3% actually become successful being action takers and do not worry about the failures. "For We fail as we learn and learn as we fail"

    Jermaine Steele

                        Attraction Marketing System

    Sunday, July 25, 2010

    Does MLSP Work and If So How?

                     Attraction Marketing System

    Well there are alot of skeptical people out there in every category. Especially in the MLM field and everyone makes the asumption that if it has the letters "M" , "L"  or "M" that its automatic whammo! Is it a pyramid scheme? Do I have to do anything? Am I gonna make any money? Do you make any money and of course the infamous "Does it work?"  These are all common questions I am sure you encounter if you are any kind of into the online marketing field or MLM. I am myself involved in all of the above and encounter all those same questions.

    How do we react to those types of questions? Well it depends how involved you are youreslf into the business. Not how much money you make but how invloved you actually are. Are you online writing articles, making videos, trying out Craigslist, Safelist marketing and of course social media amongst other tactics. Then it would seem that you could probably handle a handfull if not all of those questions comfortably. You could answer those naysayers questions with confidence and reinforcment. For the simple fact that you A. Know that it is not a pyramid scheme  B. That you do have to do alot and be able to explain that if that person is looking for a magic bullet, well theres the door. C. That it does work and last but least D. That you also will long term create very healthy passive income.

    Now if you were barely climbing into a company or online system or offline and did not do any footwork like handing out flyers, networking and above mentioned activities then you would most likely stutter and sound like a fool because you are trying to go out and recruit instead of recruiting while you are out.

    This is exactly what MLSP teaches you on the inside as well as lead generation tactics while branding your own business instead of someone elses self replicated website. You can start to utilize all the tools and resources that top earners in our same industry are using. So I guess if these are the types of results that you or your company desire then I guess the answer to "Does MLSP work" ? Is going to very well have to be YES in my opinion and I personally have gained on average over 1 lead per day generally and over 10 per day with solo ads and similar campaigns.

    So this is only my review and in no way shape or form and endorsement:) But I would totally reccomend this product to all my family and friends if they wanted like a online university for network marketers Haha.

    I am sure tons of MLSP users everywhere would agree but you can for yourself go and Google the ugly parts of MLSP if you are the type that does not like results and enjoys wasting time. You and 97% of the other network marketers will do so and never reap the benefits of any program because they are only focused on the win and not the battle.

    So hope this review has helped and put a couple of things into perspective for you about MLSP (My Lead System Pro) . Thanks for reading my articles.

    Jermaine Steele

                            Attraction Marketing System

    Sunday, July 18, 2010

    How To Build A Viral Marketing List

    Well my post today is a about a building an on demand viral marketing, SPAM free opt-in list and boost your profits for free. This system I have been using for quite a while now and it is called ListDotCom.com . This system is used by thousands of online marketers and has the ability to put your product in front of like minded entreprenuers. You will not ever have to worry about complaints because everyone is double opted in and will never receive something they did request for.

    I have used this system to gain over 30 leads and am able to mail them every day and my downline continues to grow due to my downline creating a downline and so on and so forth. This system was created by Mike Filsaime. Internet GURU and his credibility is endless so be worry free that his product works and will continue to grow as more and more marketers find out about his site. Hope this has helped your game and internet marketing success.

    They are always having some type of affiliate contest for cash and List Dot Com is packed with affiliate tools so you can promote on your site or blog to gain some passive income and great leads.

    Saturday, July 17, 2010

    How To Create A Facebook Fanpage

    Well first of all you will need a FaceBook account and an E-mail to do so. Once you have your E-mail and FaceBook account, you can decide what you want to brand or promote with your fanpage. Whether it is a rockband, public figure, social media application or just yourself.
    In this economy it is imperative that we utilize our resources and ensure proper circulation of our brand or personal growth. You can do this by numerous marketing strategies like, article marketing , video marketing, basic SEO, Squidoo pages or similar sites. But most importantly you must utilize social media and its powerful web presence that it creates.

    So I stumbled upon a site that has a pretty extensive tutorial on how to create your own FaceBook fanpage. So I opted to let Mr. Brandon Koon take it away at this site because it does a great job of explaining and also has screenshots.

    So I hope this has helped you in your mission searching for a site that teaches you how to create a FaceBook Fanpage.

    Sunday, June 20, 2010

    Blogging Espionage

    Blogging Espionage... Honest Review!

    So Blogging Espionage has just launched and there's uproar in the industry already...

    What Is This Secret New Method?

    Well, I was lucky enough to secure an early copy of the system so I could review it for Rob (the creator) and it I must say it's unlike anything else on the market.

    The site, although it seems like hype is honest and true... This isn't about any of the usual methods like Adwords, PPC, SEO, Media Buying, CPA, Ebay, Article marketing or the likes.

    No... This is something I hadn't heard about and I'd happily join Rob and bet you haven't heard of this strategy for making money before.

    Now I got access to just 3 days before the launch and one of Rob's team told me that if I do this right away I'd actually make money before the launch.

    Yeah right?
    I wanted to give it a go so I've spent 3 hours per day working on this and this is now the 4th day... Blogging Espionage launched yesterday.

    The Results...

    Well it's a pleasent surprize... I've actually made $803 and I could easily turn this into $5,000 by the 7 day mark using the further steps in the system.

    I didn't expect this but I can honestly say this is the one product I'd recommend 100% if you need money fast and don't want to wait months for results.

    Now, there are only a limited number so it may have sold out by now but if not then grab a copy while you can.

    Just click below:


    No Excuses Summit

    In about 16 days I will be going to Vegas to spend the weekend with 15 of the top internet marketers in the industry and soak up their knowledge. The seminar will consist of big names like Jonathan Budd, Mike Dillard, Cedric Harris and many more big name gurus.

    I can not wait until this event, it is going to be epic and I am hoping that I will learn so many new things and come back and launch even more powerful sales pages, landing pages and learn to drive more traffic to my membership site. http://www.jermainesteele.com/

    If you would like to get in you still can I believe their are like 250 seats left and they will go fast because these guys are like gold and everything they touch turns to so.

    Now go on and check it out http://www.noexcusessummit.com/vegas

    Jermaine Steele

    Tuesday, June 15, 2010

    How To Prepare To Launch Your Own Business Part 1

    Well you are starting a business and dont't know where to start huh? Not so uncommon believe it or not. Most businesses just start gung-ho into there business and try to just accomplish everything as they go along. But businesses do not work that way, you must plan ahead and ensure that you have a plan of action. Whether your business fails, makes money or just breaks even. So we will talk about a few items today that if done will save you alot of heartache in the long run.

    The first is to have an action plan and implement into a plan exactly what it is that you will be doing in your business. For example if you are starting a electronics business, it would probably be in your best interest to ensure that you know what items and how much items cost that will be sold at your location right? You would most likely profit better that way.

    What about a business name and brand? Do you have one? So when people hear your name or about your product, they know disdinctly that its your brand. You can start by thinking of what exactly you want your business to represent and how you want your target market to perceive your brand. So if you wanted your customers to perceive you as the always low price, always in stock type of electronics business you may name your brand something like. Digitals For Cheap or something like that? Whatever it is you just want people to relate to your name brand if they hear it.

    Jermaine Steele


    Tuesday, June 1, 2010

    How To Prioritize

    Its a jungle out there with all the things to do nowadays. You have work, school, homework, kids, housework along with trying to run a business on the side, advertise your business and still be able to social network with people while keeping your cool? Yeah right huh?

    So how exactly do we balance this circus act? We have to of course prioritize. Taking everything day by day, instead of taking on lumps of work and just getting agrivated. Trust me thats what happens I am living proof. Yeah I managed to balance, but was I really getting the results I was capable of ? Of course not , because I was too busy focusing on winning. Instead of focusing on the race itself and setting myself up for the real stuff I always knew I was capable of.

    Well how exactly did I do this you ask? Well start by finding the people that are doing the same things that you are doing. Watch how they perform and take the extra time to ask them how exactly they operate and most of the time they will be more than happy to share the success. But there are those who wont be so happy that you are fired up. Those we call haters and cannot prevent just diffuse when they start the fire.

    You must learn to not focus and spend time on what you cannot control. Instead focusing on what you can control like action items that will set you up for success. Like planning ahead and researching whatever it is you are trying to accomplish and expect the things that normally come with performing that specific activity. Therefore enabling you to indentify those easy fixes and planning ahead to not mock these actions. Ultimatly cutting out the fat!

    Check out this guy he knows about cutting out the fat!

    Monday, March 15, 2010

    SEO Consulting Services Via Social Bookmarking

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    Working within a network of solid business partners to bring your company to maximum exposure via the internet and social bookmarking.

    Working within a network of solid business partners to bring your company to maximum exposure via the internet and social bookmarking
    Gain The Exposure Your Business Needs Via The
    Internet And Social Bookmarking Sign Up Here For A
    Free Secret Consultation

    Subscriber Counter
    Running a little short on time? No problem we of all people understand how timely and frustrating running a business can be.

    Juggling school work and family activities as well as trying to manage our childrens education, personal matters and a relationship can be the cherry on top.

    So Trying to promote and advertise your business along with trying to get it to the top of the search engine may not be so easy. That is the exact reason why we strive to provide you with the best and fastest result oriented service as possible while freeing up your time to do all those thing you want but just dont have the time to do.

    So after you opt-in to this form , one of our reps will contact you within 24 hours and ask some probing questions like. Do you have a website ? Do you have a blog, Twitter , Facebook , MySpace Etc . As these are focal points of millions of online shoppers and potential clients for your business.

     We also use many popular search engine optimiztion tactics that will get you to the top of Google Before you know it. If you choose not to leave your phone number we will send a form via the internet and after it is determined what exactly your business can use to get that extra exposure we will propose a business plan for your optimization of your site.

    We offer three plans at this point and time if you would like to view them please visit the Services page at the top right corner of the screen. We also offer more plans, just E-mail jermainesteele@yahoo.com for further details when interested.

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