Thursday, August 19, 2010

How To Get Focused Online


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3 Ways To Get Focused

1. Forget about being overwhelmed- In today’s market I understand it is so easy to be overwhelmed by all the different business opportunities. But I also understand after years of marketing online that you cannot focus on what you cannot control. You have to focus on day to day tactics like writing articles, creating videos, blog posts, social networking and maybe even some paid campaigns, if it is in your budget. These activities will not only keep your mind off of being overwhelmed but will actually produce results over time. Therefore creating success within your business. As an internet or network marketer you are always going to be a little overwhelmed by all the information, software and training events that will come your way. So focus on the activities little by little and you will prosper.

2. Get Organized- If you are serious about your online or offline business you must get organized. Meaning if you have an office, keep it clean and neat with all items in place where they go. You can also try having separate binders for each project. This helps with finding a paper, invoice or possibly a brainstorming note pad you have. You can locate things easily and work a lot faster when this happens, allowing you more time for other projects or maybe even for your “why” factor , your family right? After all, this is why you do what you do correct? You can also buy items for your office or workroom in bulk in order to save even more time for the important stuff like gaining and calling leads. This leaves you open and focused for your team and able to come up with new creative ideas.

3. Plan Ahead- Well of course you have heard the saying “ If you fail to plan, you mine as well plan to fail”. Planning is key and a very important initiative in my online business. I always write down exactly what it is that I am going to do. One reason I do this is to push myself to do day by day take steps toward my goals. This is very key to doing what you actually say you are going to do. Another reason I do this is because our success is determined by our daily actions. Well at least that is what John Maxwell has said. A very successful entrepreneur You can do whatever you like but I guarantee this tactic works and will influence you to do your work because in a way you are holding yourself accountable. Treat your business like a hobby and you will get hobby results. Treat you business like a business and you will get business results. People will show up for a 9-5 job knowing that if they are late or do not show up there are repercussions. But if we do not show up for our online business is their accountability? I know there is in mine because I have a calendar and a very busy one at that , so I will be behind and my days will not go as planned. Producing failure and discouragement . So this lead me to making a video of showing you a couple simple things I do to plan ahead. I usually plan ahead about a week or so. But you can do days or months if you like . So stay focused and check out my blog!

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