Thursday, August 5, 2010

Does Mobile Monopoly Work? + 5 Online Tactics To Explode Your Business

You are looking into starting an online business and are are surfing the web seeing all the hype about how a college kid makes $1,002,982 his first year and cant even read. All he did was put up some website and shablam!! Rich!  Haha yea sure I wish because I would not be doing all the activities like article marketing, video marketing , 12,987 social media networks, lol not really but it feels like it sometimes.

That is just a few tactics and of course there is classified ads, safelist advertising, Ebay/classsifieds for Ebay, Better Networker, Bloggingcreating websites to expose myself, creating YouTube videos, drop cards and numerous other tactics in order to just create a few leads online ? That is alot of effort right?

Of course it is , it is also ridiculous that you put all that time and effort and do not have but 1-2 leads daily 3 tops right? Well let me show you a combination of efforts that I use to create anywhere from 5-25 leads daily. So here goes and these are not promised results but results that I am having( disclaimer )haha .

1. MLSP - MLSP is my #1 pick based on the simple fact that I did not really see many results until I ran into AJ and Marquita Cummings at The No Excuses Summit! . This system has pieced together my online business like you would never believe.

2. Mobile Monopoly - This untapped system will give you an idea of what mobile marketing can do for your online business is going to make you sick after you see what you could have been doing to explode your business.

3. Aweber - This is an absolute if you are looking long term to gain an online presence and retain your followers leads. This is a autoreponder Email service, meaning that when someone visits your website and decides to follow you by opting into your list they are automatically responded to by whatever it is you want them to see or obtain.

4. Domain Name - You would also need a domain name that can purchased through  Hostgator or any other domain name carrier for that matter.

5. Web Hosting - This is what will host your domain name in order to function as a website. This is an easy to follow set-up procedure and if you can not figure it out I will personally help you out myself. Just E-mail me, but I ams ure if you are thinking about taking this route . You semi know what you are doing.

That is it with these companies you can start your own campaign and start driving leads to your offers and MLSP and Mobile Monopoly will explode your business if you have the time and effort to put into your online business.

                     Attraction Marketing System

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  1. Great blog Jermaine. I came across your blog after you left a comment on mine.

    You have alot of info on here that the average person that is new to online marketing would appreciate. Those with experience can get something out of it too


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