Tuesday, August 10, 2010

5 Ways To Grow Your Network

There are so many networks out there it is hard to chose which ones to go with and know which ones actually produce results. It is obvious that the more people you have in your network, the more people that benefit from your knowledge, business or product. So the goal is to produce more eyeballs connecting to your network, in order to produce long term passive results, I have came up with the 5 best ways I have used to produce results without all the fluff. So here goes.

#1- List Dot Com  - This site is one of the viral list building membership sites that I use and it was created by none other than Guru Mike Filsaime. He obviously knows what it takes to build a huge opt-in list. You can sign up here for free and use the free promotional tools section to promote on safelists or advertise to your own list and get them to join , therefore growing your network rapidly with the help of people who sign up through you.

#2- Viral Url - Is the
second Viral List building site that I use to generate leads and grow my network. You use a URL from this site and promote it on any of your sites and when people click on the thin banner shown across the top of your site, they than are in your downline and you can now mail them within your own network. Therefore creating yet another way for your network or lead system to grow.This site also shortens and protects your links from your affiliate commissions from being stolen. This site is also a free site.

#3- People String - Is my #3 pick and is a network that lets you make money taking surveys , logging into your account , $0.50 for every referral and also you can blog here and it lets potential leads or business partners see what you are all about. This network is huge and is growing very rapidly. This is also another  free site that you can utilize .

#4- Mobile Monopoly - Mobile Monopoly is actually a software that converts your Aweber Opt-In forms to a mobile form allowing you to capitalize on the industry that is 5X bigger than regular internet. The mobile industry is huge and untapped allowing you to receive 0.03-0.10 clicks compared to ugly Google and Facebook PPC . This is huge and everyone is flocking to Clickbank to purchase Mobile Monopoly because it is the highest gravity product and everyone is talking about it! So go now!!

Attraction Marketing System#5- My Lead System Pro- This is last on my list but for sure not the least and as a matter of fact should have been first on my list due to all the leads it has helped me create. This system helps you create a capture page has tutorials on everything under the sun like video marketing, article marketing and many other network marketing tactics. You can also learn how to brand your own business versus someone else's business and have your audience captivated. 

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