Tuesday, August 3, 2010

3 Explosive Ways To Network Within Your Networking Community

So you have been online for quite some time now and you are connecting with people on FaceBook, Twitter and your blog and you are on your way to financial freedom? Uh right. No it does not work that easy ,you have to find other affective and cost affective ways to connect with your community without breaking the bank. But you want to have the up to date, captivating information that everybody desires. But not much of a budget well here are 3 cost effective however not free ways to network and apply yourself at the same time building relationships and potential business ventures or services rendered. You must spend some money at times to make money. So this is my list of 3 ways to network within your networking community.

  1. Better Networker- Better Networker is a online community of entreprenuers, MLM, work from home moms, dads and every other variety of business savvy networkers all on one website. This is where you can get an idea of what a Better Networker profile will look like Better Networker Profile Example . They have a free membership with limited functionalities that are well worth you spending you time on a product. ( FREE) .That was the free version and the trial is $1 then $9.95 per month and your capabilities are greater like add unlimited video and articles to gain organic, natural traffic and maximize your profits.
  2.  Solo Ads - These are also very profitable to use in conjunction with MLSP to pull in leads from the safelist credit surfers. You can find quality leads there as well as creating relationships from the start with your new subscriber list, this is where you grow you. Now it is time to take action and network with these people and not be too busy or scared to call your new leads.  These will typically cost you from $7-$20. pretty cost controlling if you ask me. See my article on 5 Marketing Must Haves For More Ideas
  3. FaceBook PPC- This is becoming a strong cost effective way when managed correctly and tied together with some keyword strategies can play a strong part in pulling in quality relationships and leads. You must be strategic about this or your results most often will not be many of greatness. Minimum $5.00 budget for day and you can test to see your strategic efforts.

So now go and sign up for each of these accounts and see you how you too can  create a passive income while doing what you like to do . Network!

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