Monday, July 26, 2010

Jermaine's 5 Basic Marketing Must Haves

Well there are many many marketing strategies out there today and you probably know about a whole bunch of ways to get your site optimized, get views and ratings etc.. But are you really applying them?

Well whether you are or not , you will definatley when trying to grow your MLM or personal brand online. Need these basic 5 principles when growing your business. These are my 5 must haves and played a key role to my substantial list growth and ongoing success.

1. Social media is first here basically because if you are not networking within your community and supporting others in the process you are just simply not going to do business in the log run. So create a Twitter, FaceBook and YouTube account and fill it with content non-stop. DO not be afraid of the naysayers. These people will always surround you. Simply do not associate with these individuals:) This one is free so if you are on a shoestring budget this will help.

2.Blog is second and it is obvious that if you want to connect with others on somewhere. Your blog will be a great centralized location to connect and add value to others. So create a Wordpress or Blogger account and connect with all of your followers there. Just do some simple articles that you know will help them, along with videos , training series and links to other great resourceful things. Before you know it you will see the "Attraction" come in to effect. People will start to join your list, provided you have one must have #3 haha. This is also free and is $0 so far.

3. Autoresponder is third and is a must have if you want to capture the information of others to provide them with value. You can use Aweber or GEt response and many others. But Aweber is my choice. See links on side or below for Aweber. You can utilize this to retain you visitors attention and let them know about up and coming promotions or reccomendations.

4. Marketing budget of at least $25-$250 a month and of course the higher level of agressiveness and dedication you can apply accordingly. You can do like some simple PPC on Facebook or Adwords, some article writing and submission. Solo ads are as well a strong favorite of mine is Ad Tactics they are a great 12,500+ deep and this is very effective in creating 10-15 leads for about $20. You cant beat this strategy even sometimes with PPC. At least for my case that is. So utilize your budget close when you first start. Then just spend less than you make and invest the profit. You will see substantial ROI if you focus and create your own funnel carefully. These are only my opinions.

5. MLSP is last but most def not least. This system called
My Lead System Pro is a system that I ran into and is simply expoding my personal lead growth as well as network marketing knowledge. I would have to describe it as a Online University for Entreprenuers. Really I am amazed and excited to share the knowledge soaked up from this system at hand. You must have this system if you are serious about generating leads. This will cost you $29.99 the first 30 days and $59.99 after that per month and by far out weighs the competition, branding you and your future business as well as teach you agressive marketing tactics in the procsess.
So all in all you will have spent about $100-$150 per month to grow your business at a steady pace. If you are not thinking of spending at least this amount per month. You are probably still treating your business or MLM program like a hobby.
Please feel free to leave comments and feedback on our blogs or sites. We appreciate all your support and following.

The sole difference between you the 97% and the 3% of online marketers is the 3% actually become successful being action takers and do not worry about the failures. "For We fail as we learn and learn as we fail"

Jermaine Steele

                    Attraction Marketing System

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