Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Is People String Worth While?

Well one of the very first opportunities that came my way as I started showing interest in the online field was E-How and People String Network . They both struck as a great opportunity with a couple of sites that ranked pretty high with the search engines. So I decided to venture off and try both hand in hand, it was a matter of time before I started to see results with E-How . Maybe just like $5-7 a month at first but the more articles you write obliviously the more views and clicks on advertisements within your article therefore increasing your revenue.

So the other People String Network was one was that I found interesting that they had their own Google Ads network set-up within their own network collecting that revenue. But of course that was just one network at the time I myself saw offered that could just log-in and gain points to redeem later. You also gain revenue share per month like I started just receiving payments within the network of like $2-$4 . Also $0.50 sign up referral per stringer. This means for every person you sign up and they sign up six levels deep you will receive commission on. You can also take surveys and make special offers here. So there is a pretty big opportunity to gain some pretty big bucks in People String Network But for me it is just a tool that will earn me a few extra bucks throughout time. You can also blog here and promote some other great products here. So feel free to join my string now for FREE! We can connect here and use these great resources given to us and monetize them all in the process. Have a very productive day.

PS: To the answer the question stated above , yes People String Network is worth while and will create some great things for you Google wise. My articles and name comes up in conjunction with People String so that is always a good sign when worrying about SEO.

It is ridiculously simple to explode via the internet and social bookmarking.

If you can emphasize that , there is a business within itself

Jermaine Steele

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