Saturday, July 17, 2010

How To Create A Facebook Fanpage

Well first of all you will need a FaceBook account and an E-mail to do so. Once you have your E-mail and FaceBook account, you can decide what you want to brand or promote with your fanpage. Whether it is a rockband, public figure, social media application or just yourself.
In this economy it is imperative that we utilize our resources and ensure proper circulation of our brand or personal growth. You can do this by numerous marketing strategies like, article marketing , video marketing, basic SEO, Squidoo pages or similar sites. But most importantly you must utilize social media and its powerful web presence that it creates.

So I stumbled upon a site that has a pretty extensive tutorial on how to create your own FaceBook fanpage. So I opted to let Mr. Brandon Koon take it away at this site because it does a great job of explaining and also has screenshots.

So I hope this has helped you in your mission searching for a site that teaches you how to create a FaceBook Fanpage.

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