Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ham, Turkey Or Both???


Traffic Explosion

Well ,so because I am writing this article you may think it is about Turkey, Ham , Stuffing, Yams or some other great festive food. But actually the push behind writing this article is whether or not as an Internet Marketer you have the ability to absorb the huge amount of information that goes 100MPH your way. Meaning that there is loads and loads of information and resources that we must understand as marketers in order to become successful.So what I am going to do today is direct you to some tools that will help you be able to eat exactly what it is you dish out. I am going to direct you to a source that will help you get traffic and FAST!

I am also going to direct you to a video on how to  get organized therefore increasing your chances of being ready for a great opportunity. You also need to have a mentor if you wish to be able to digest all the information at a reasonable  pace. So I will direct you to an individual who has helped me to understand marketing at a higher level. He has helped me to be able to understand how to create a Facebook ad that makes over $400 a day and generates over 10 leads or more a day. His name is Jonathan Budd and his understanding of marketing has generated him and his team 10s of millions of dollars in a few short years.

By me showing you how to get traffic, get organized and find a mentor you will have exceeded 97% of marketers who do not chose to do so and will never make a dime in this industry. So lets get started !

STEP 1 -  Go to This link now and sign up now !! This will take you through a process to set-up your own account. Just do it !

STEP 2 - Now go to My blog post from August and see how I suggest you get focused online and get organized. This will help you trust me if you do exactly what you are supposed to in small bites and DO IT!

STEP 3 - Last Last but not least go here now and watch one of Jonathan Budds videos or join one of his coaching programs that range from $100-$500

Well lets hope this helps you decide whether you want to have Ham, Turkey or Both. But it is both for me along with all the sides to go with because my business is on autopilot and I love to do fun things like being around my kids and enjoying the day instead of going crazy trying to learn new tactics and throwing up most of it because I cannot digest what I put on my plate!

Jermaine "Lead Monster" Steele

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