Sunday, September 5, 2010

What Is Safelist Advertising And Is It effective?

So I am going to share a form of marketing that lately has been very good to me with the products I have been promoting and the audience I have oblivously been targeting is hungry for traffic. Why you ask? Well because Free Safelist Advertising targets entreprenuers , business owners, work at home pros and much more that are already on a network for people that need traffic and what better than to promote traffic products right?


Well in case you are new to the game let me give you a little insight on safelist advertising. I have used it for about 6 months now and have just off the affiliate program they offer I have made over $100 and using their free credit mailer list, so basically everytime you view others ads for 10-15 seconds you earn credits and can use those credits to blast emails to their over 13,000 people list. You can promote whatever you like with those credits and promote whatever product you like and capitalize on the traffic hungry viewers. This is just one Free Safelist Advertising  advertising platform you can use . Safelists are huge and there are plenty of networks out there. 

Adtactics is just one and I have also used there solo ads when I run out of credits to blast everybody with a solo ad for $20. This is also very effective for myself and my affiliate products. You can watch the video and sign up for free to Ad Tactics. Watch the video and see how exactly to do so on the screen.

Hope this has helped and the link below is the Safelist advertising platform and the banner is a product you can promote to them.  

Effective Email Advertising

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