Monday, September 13, 2010

2 Steps On How To Create A Solo Ad From A Safelist Account

So you have an online business and want to learn how to make some money , but you have tried it all and no luck huh? Well I kind of know the feeling as I have had hundreds of days pass without making just one Clickbank or affiliate sale.

Well those days have been over for me for quite some time now.I really was tired of writing articles , making videos, chasing leads , talking to my friends about my biz opportunity and much more time wasting stuff. So I started to use only the tactics that were pulling at least some traffic and making some money and becoming great at doing those things before I decided to venture off to yet another time consuming tactic that would make me about yea you guessed it ZERO dollars!

So I am going to share one of the most effective ways I have found to market Clickbank products. You probably know by now by the title that it is Solo Ads . This has became one of my most effective way along with blogging to make affiliate sales and comissions.


If you have not signed up for a safelist account yet watch the first video below and make an account at Ad Tactics. You can use any other safelist site that does solo ads , however I have found this to be the most effective. So watch this video and move on to step 2.



Now that you have the safelist account and understand how to use this , you can go ahead and watch the next video and I will show you how to promote an affiliate product from Clickbank and how to do so with a Solo Ad . These ads are usually anywhere from $10-$120 ,but do not worry because if you are going to spend money on marketing this is huge for your revenue if you utilize the tactics correctly. 



So hope this has helped you to understand very effective way of advertising your or your affiliate product.

Make today a productive day!!

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