Monday, September 26, 2011

What do The Huffington Post, Drudge Report and Perez Hilton All Have In Common?

Well let's start off with, this site has an Alexa ranking of like 400. The Drudge Report is a popular website by Matt Drudge, whom has established himself as an early pioneer on the Web, covering news and events that the mainstream media ignores. He continues to deliver lively and provocative content to millions of people every day.

This 33 year old kid mus be loving life because this site makes him some 30 million dollars a year! The best part about it for him is that there is no I said no content on his site! I mean no articles, no videos, just links and banners from people who advertise on I mean curated sites are the business in 2011! You can literally have a site now that either gossips or spills out some great info on what people are looking for and make some good money!

For another example you have Perez Hilton who runs this glamorous blog talks solely about what is going on in the entertainment industry and has a flamboyant personality. Like picking a fight with Black Eyed Peas or when Michael Jackson died. He basically said Michael faked his death so he did not have to perform. WTH? But this blog has a 906 Alexa ranking and is worth 32 million dollars. I do not know a blogger alive that would complain about that!

For my last example we have The Huffington Post created by Arianna Huffington in 2005. This blog was created to counter Drudges site She felt she could do well with a site like this. She also offers guests to blog on her blog. Kind of like I do mine:) The difference is she has a #88 Alexa ranking and mine does not ! Haha This site sold for 415 Million! OMG for lack of better words!

So what do all these blogs/sites have in common? Well see nowadays with Google Panda's new algorithmic update, originating from the person who developed this update's last name "Panda" is changing the way people like myself market online. It used to be you could throw up a blog and target some keywords like: Blog marketing, blogging and others, be able to rank your site or blog and collect affiliate commissions from the mass amount of articles you would publish.

Well see now Google Panda now controls that and shows love to blogs that curate information and make it their own. It is a little bit more difficult now but I have the information it takes. So if you are looking to learn what Google loves nowadays in September 2011 be sure to sign up for my mailing list or shoot a personal email. 

I can get you online and marketing in no time. I will show you how you can learn things like: What Google is looking for, SEO, PPC, article and video marketing, how to get tons of Backpage and Craigslist Ads posted! 
So stop wasting your money looking for the golden nugget and let me show you the way !

Jermaine "Lead Monster" Steele


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