Sunday, May 1, 2011

Go For It! How To Prioritize Your Goals!

I say go for it! If you got a new bike from your uncle at age 7 for Christmas and you were super excited but did not know how to ride this bike and were really nervous that you were going to fall. So your uncle says well, I will buy you some gold pedals that are going to make you learn how to ride faster and guarantee that you would stride a lot easier without a doubt. Would you ride the bike and face your doubts or just wait for the gold pedals?

Well unfortunately most wait for the golden pedals or ticket to success so to speak that only 3% of us succeed and most never know their full potential falling into that 97% bracket. Right? So moral of the story you just need to go for it and maybe find someone that will venture. Just make sure you have a plan IE video marketing is very effective nowadays so maybe create a course all about video marketing using your Camtasia screenshot software and capture some videos that will teach the straight out the gate newbie exactly what you have learned previously.

Learn-Implement-Teach! Stop waiting for the golden ticket as I only have about a bit over 2 years experience marketing and will be launching 2 products in the next 2 months and I am sure many more shortly after that. I see people all the time join programs at the same time as me. With the same passion and desire for marketing. But cannot seem to find what it is that they want even though they say they want to make money.

Just know that you are more knowledgeable in your first 3-6 months than about 30% out there of the 30 some million marketer s and online business opportunity seekers out there. So stop doubting yourself and create your own destiny by taking action!
You will not begin to see success until you can see. You will not have what you want until you have a vision. This vision should take you where you want to be in your desired amount of time. However if you do not know this exact desired amount of time or even have a plan? Do you really think you will succeed?

So get out some pen and paper and start to jot down your game plan for the week and then the month. Once you meet quotas then , move to the next goal that coincides with your ultimate vision. Just make sure you stop asking yourself how does network marketing work? Or how does internet marketing work? Actually watch videos and read books that will help you get there. You must feed your brain with constant new learnings and if you learn well yes you must implement. Shortly after implementation comes the confidence enough to do it! Also product creation is huge and where 90% of marketers succeed.

If you do not not talk well about something enough. Then you do not know enough about this! So get your priorities straight, stop playing victim and work your butt off!

Mine as well take action on this FREE program!

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