Wednesday, August 24, 2011

3 Ways To Effectively Promote Your Business On A Budget!

Well I have been getting floods of emails due to Craigslist cracking down so hard and the industry is becoming pretty worried about what is going to happen with all the You Tube accounts getting shut down, Google Adwords accounts continuing to get slapped!

So what does all this mean for us marketers? Well it could mean a couple of different things like. How are we going to generate leads for our business right? Especially with everyone from brick and mortar businesses to online giants advertising by means of Craigslist, You Tube or Google Adwords. 

Many of these businesses depend on these 3 giants for traffic. So what can these businesses do to be proactive and beat the punch?
Well I am going to outline 3 ways that I use in my everyday business every single day to promote a minimum of 15-40 leads a day consistently.

 No matter if my advertising budget is burnt. Because these are very cost effective ways of advertising and in some cases can even become almost viral getting 400-2000 views per effort. So what exactly am I talking about?

Well let’s start off with video marketing, now you may not have expected that one for 2 reasons. One I just mentioned You Tube above and you probably thought that they are about the only decent video channel around. Well they are not. 

The second you reason you may have not expected that is because a lot of people say it’s too saturated or too difficult to do. For example people do not want to record a video or maybe not know how to edit or produce a video.

Well no worries I have you covered and have listed 3 sites below that you can create videos on as well as a site that you can get small snippet videos created from. You can then take these small snippet videos and publish them in one of the 3 listed video sites tagging them with your keywords. 

Getting you targeted traffic from those videos when people view the videos and then click the link. A lot of people will call this unwanted videos on these sites. But these are also the people probably not making any money! Trust me this stuff works! I do it all the time! So check out the 3 sites and then go to Animoto and get some videos done up!

Video Sites

Daily Motion

Make Videos


Now we are on to one of my favorites. Forum posting or commenting, this one can be very effective if utilized properly and not abused in a SPAM format. There are many forums out there not limited to but including the infamous: Warrior Forum. 

This site has over 150,000 internet marketers registered ! Now just imagine if you comment on certain areas of the forum for what you expertise in. You can also add your signature to the bottom and most people get curious and want to see what you have to offer.

Now when they visit your signature link as long as you have a page that converts well, you can get those leads at an exponential rate if you leave enough comments. Both of these tactics work and have worked for me in the past or I would not be sharing this! So where can you start to comment?

Warrior Forum
Digital Forum

Those are the two that I use that are the most powerful!
Last but definitely not least in my arena we have article marketing. This is one of my most powerful techniques long term. The problem is people want short term results. But articles that can get found on Google are way more targeted than those that cannot.

 Obviously you can write your own articles or you can outsource them and make sure to use really targeted keywords in your article.
For example if you are writing about Amway you can write an article that has the keywords Amway SCAM, Amway review, Amway complaints, Amway sign up. Now these keywords are keywords that people ARE searching for. The question is are you going to be found when they search? I am!

So get your butt over to the below listed article platforms and start plastering your articles so that you can be very easily found on Google and the other search engines! If you are interested in finding more out about me and my Monster Methods you can visit my blog


Article Platforms to submit articles to

Net Divvy

Jermaine Steele

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