Sunday, August 21, 2011

What Is The Freebie Cash System Bobby Washington ? Review? SCAM ? Bobby

The Freebie Cash system is an awesome marketing platform that was put together by Bobby Washington himself to help struggling marketers obtain monetary rewards for referring others to ZNZ-ONE. So who is Bobby Washington? Well he is the guy who made over $12,000 in ZNZ-ONE in his first 30 days! Now keep in mind each person for the ZNZ-ONE and ZNZ-Big Cash programs are worth $20 and $60 respectively as of August 21st, 2011 as I am writing this article.

So that means he brought in somewhere around 150 in his 1st month of business. So why can Bobby Washington do that? Is he some ZNZ Bobby Washington superhero? Well maybe, however something even more super is the new Freebie Cash System he put together! 

This system has capture page, training videos on ZNZ-ONE and for all you naysayers who might of thought that Freebie Cash System was a SCAM! 

Bobby Washington will clear that up on the first replicated video that you can also use!

Where he shows you the Pay-Pal proof of where he made all that money so fast! This video like I said can be used for you in your Freebie Cash System marketing funnel. Or you can even insert your own video into one of the capture pages and brand yourself if you are really ago gettter!

So how does ZNZ-ONE and Zip Nada Zilch Big Cash work? Well its starts of by putting your name, email and phone then being redirected to a video mentioned above. After signing up for ZNZ-ONE which is outlined as step 1 in Bobby Washington program The Freebie Cash System.

 You would then complete one trial offer so that you can qualify to promote the program and system as well.

You would then go back to the book marked page where you watched the video and complete step 2 and signing up for ZNZ-Big Cash outlined as outlined step 2 in Bobby Washington program The Freebie Cash System. You would then complete 4-5 more trial offers to qualify to promote that program yourself so you can be rewarded with cash or an Ipad2 as well. 

If you work with someone like me The Lead Monster I will give you back $30-$40 of the money that I make for you completing both programs. So that you start off with ZNZ-ONE making money on the first day! Boom!

You then would lastly go back to the book marked page and sign up for The Freebie Cash System as outlined as step 2 in Bobby Washington program The Freebie Cash System. This would complete your set-up of the Freebie Cash System.

 You can now start marketing your system and just repeat the process. If you are not sure where to start marketing. Don’t worry Bobby Washington has got you covered there as well. He has a vast array of marketing tools and secret training videos you can utilize some free and some paid tools.

Hope you enjoyed my Bobby Washington/Freebie Cash System Review

But whatever the case you will be learning from the top earner in ZNZ-ONE and if you join me you will also be working and be supported by myself. Jermaine “Lead 

Monster” Steele BOOM! 1-2 Punch and you are on your way to winning this bout! So get started to day by clicking the sign up now button to the right>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Jermaine Steele

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