Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Amazing Widget

Dear Friend,
If you feel like an idiot when it comes to raking in AUTOMATED traffic and income like the heavy hitters...
This single letter is about to change everything for you.
And trust me, you’ll feel like a genius after hearing my story.
...And obviously I don't mean dumb as in 'stupid'.
I'm talking foolproof.  Any newbie, skeptic, failure, or even self-proclaimed idiot has the potential to make a very serious, monthly income with my groundbreaking viral traffic system.
I guarantee this is completely unlike anything else you've seen before.
I'll tell you ALL about it right after my true story and inspiration behind the software, and quickly train you in on how it works so that you can get started immediately.
In fact, you could be getting traffic and commissions in minutes from now.  That's how exciting this is...

was the last person you'd ever think would make it big online - a true 'dark horse'...  Just a regular dude, without a degree, working in hard labor shops and factories doing whatever grunt work needed to be done.
I’d often come home drenched in sweat, with splinters and blisters in my hands from sorting and stacking wood.  And the nasty fumes from the glues we used were enough to kill brain cells!
Imagine having to show up for that kind of work every day… early mornings… sometimes working the night shift… with forced overtimes… working for a boss that went off on me if I made even ONE mistake.  It was insane.
At my lowest point, I was laid off the day before Thanksgiving.  I ended up living off credit for months while I struggled just to find another dead end job.  I was married at the time and had a family to support, so the stress was crazy.

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