Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Marshall Valvestate Amps And a Great Review Site

Well you love music and need a circle of everything music in your life and a amp to emphasize it right? Amps are a great way to do so and in the music world you are not going without it. So what are your choices ? I like to think there are very many when dealing with amps. Depending on the sound you are looking for as well as the budget you are looking to stay within.
I have done some research and some great amps to go with and one being the Marshall Valvesate amp. This is of all -valve amplification, your experienced guitar players understand the feel and harmonic response created by driving an all-valve power amp section hard. It's not only down to the desirable compression and harmonic distortion produced by valves, however the unique way in which the power amp interacts with the speakers.
This will give you give you some great sound and engineers tried and tried for many years to produce the sound that the Marshall Valvestate Amp has produced with very little success in comparison to the Marshall Valvesate Amp.

There are a vast array of Marshall Valvestate Amps that can be purchased, depending on the need and desire you have for the amp. Whether it be getting down (practicing) with the boys (or girls) or getting pumped up to rock a stadium full of eager fans rooting for their favorite football team. You will be able to create a rocking clean sound to a needful nasty dirty sound with the range of amps ranging from model # 8010 all the way to #8222.

All of the Marshall Valvestate Amps have 4 great features that add to its desirability : Natural sounding reverb , contour control and 2 foot switchable channels. The 2 channels being normal and boost. To crank it up even more , the Marshall Valvestate Amp packs a powerful pre-amp with a monstrous single tube and yes all models carry this. However the most recent Marshall Valvestate Amps carry an even higher voltage pre-amp to pack the punch that you are looking for.

To ensure the maximum tonal flexibility the Marshall Valvestate Amp can take you from a clean crisp sound to a destroying Metallica like sound in the flick of a switch. So the OD1 and OD2 options will take you from very subtle to ridiculous if that’s the type of party you like to rock with!

The Marshall Valvestate Amp has been created to be very guitar user friendly and not complicated to use from the easy to use footswitch used for channel and chorus switching ,to the maximum extension cabinet connection options and two effect loops.

Well I hope this review has done some good for you or your band and can make some great choices for you when it comes to choosing a amp. Obviously I feel you cannot go wrong with the Marshall Valvestate Amp. So if you need any more reviews about guitars or amps you can visit !

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