Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Does The Ab Circle Pro Really Work? Review

So you are wondering does the Ab Circle Pro Really Work right? Well my buddies wife bought it and has been using it for about 6 months now. She after her son was born really wanted to lose the weight that she always desired but could not seem to find the right product. I had to do a review about ab workouts and other abdominal exercise so I figured I would take the opportunity and give some true feedback from someone who has purchased the Ab Circle Pro and actually knows if it really works.

So she pretty much said that she had really not liked it in the beginning and did not like the swivel movements. That it was too much in the first week or so but that she started to feel the burn from the Ab Circle Pro workout unlike any other abdominal exercise she had tried before. So I guess that is a positive but I asked can you give me something more on how the Ab Circle Pro works and if it really works?

Her response well can not really tell you how it works exactly but look at my waist! To my surprise knowing her for quite some time now could really tell the difference. So I guess the answer and opinionated response would be YES the Ab Circle Pro does really work.

So Ab Circle Pro has been getting a lot of buzz lately and I think that the answer is obvious but like I said also opinionated and user friendly that Ab Circle really works. But here are some features just in case you are thinking about getting the Ab Circle Pro.

Hope you enjoyed my Ab Circle Pro Review and if you are still wondering if it really works. Keep doing your research!

Made with gym-quality steel that’s built to last a lifetime!
• Folds for easy storage under the bed or in the closet!
• Three levels of resistance so it’s perfect for any fitness level!
• Unique, patented Friction-Free Track gets you off the floor!

You can also see on Youtube ab if the Ab Circle Pro Works!


  1. I've been wanting to lose weight, and since i can only do fluid movements (bone condition) this will be PERFECT for me! Thanks for the thought-out review.

  2. I am looking for new techniques and gadgets to make my life easier. Every week I am going to try out a “As Seen On TV” product to see if they work.
    Thanks for sharing with us.
    Ab Circle


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