Wednesday, April 20, 2011

SEnuke X Review

SEnukeX SEO SoftwareSo you are looking to get targeted traffic to your blog, website or product? Tired of using untargeted traffic like banner advertising that someone may just click at random? Or maybe you use solo ads that work at random as well? It is like playing the lottery in marketing! Maybe you will hit and maybe you will be out of a great deal of money paying for the advertising with no return?

This is the reason behind myself reviewing this new product called SEnuke X. My SEnuke X review is targeted at individuals that need to scale up their business due to having too many SEO clients or maybe individuals who simply want to rank higher in the marketplace for Clickbank. In any event SEnuje X is in addition to SEnuke, the first edition of this powerful SEO software.

SEnuke X forums are raving at this point with people talking about how much they are grateful for the creator of this product, Areeb Bajwa. There are customers on this SEnuke forum that can verify and give proof that SEnuke X and SEnuke as well have delivered phenomenal results. So I have wasted no time in downloading SEnuke X as I could not wait any longer to get my hands on this software.

On SEnuke X website you can get a SEnuke tutorial and a SEnuke trial as it will give you 14 days trial and $67 or $147 a month thereafter. However SEnuke is well worth the buy and punch packed with 4 different powerful tools that 97% of the marketers out there do not even understand. As there are entire firms running their whole SEO business based off of SEnuke and SEnuke X. 

People are using the SEnuke review as a guide to decide if they are on the fence. But as Areeb Bajwa explains in the presentation, there are many marketers who use SEnuke to dominate the market selling Ebay, Amazon or Clickbank products. These are the 4 punch packed steps to take that will create SEnuke X Tornados for your business:

1. Using the Niche research module to research niches and see where there are keywords you can easily rank for.

2. Newbie friendly software that will ask you simple questions about your promotions.

3. Pick out a promotion strategy that you would like to move forward with like article directories and RSS etc..

4. Then you simply program the SEnuke X software to run programs and then sit back and reap the benefits of a dozen employees.

You can also spin articles within this software and the submit press releases and create more link juice for your money site. SEnuke X will let you create a public profile to be linked to all these accounts. 

Now that you have all these links, there is an indexing module that will get you more juice from pings and links back to your money site. Senuke X is money making at its best. So to get your hands on the SEnuke X download visit this link.

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