Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Two Worthwhile Internet Marketing Gurus

I’ve bounced around the internet marketing circuit for about three years. I’ve had up and down success because of my lack of focus, but I’m also picky about my teachers.
If the teacher doesn’t suit my learning style, I quit that person right away. I prefer things to be taught in a manner that is simple, to the point and shows me the significance of performing a technique a certain way.
A lot of internet marketers make a lot of money from their methods, but they’re terrible at teaching them to others. These are some of the problems I see:
Too vague. Classic example: “You must have good content in order to make money online. Content is king”. So what does good content look like? How can you tell good content from bad content? How do you put good content together?
A lot of times marketers tell you to do something, but they don’t show you how to do something…unless you pay to know. Fine. It’s a business, but we need more than the obvious. We need a solid, detailed solution and why it’s better than what I’m doing now.
Too Wordy. I’ve seen ebooks that rattle on and on about how the guru made money, what car he bought, how his wife and kid were broke then got rich. Paragraphs — pages! — of fluff. Why are you telling me about your personal life? Get to the meat of it.
Blame Game. These IMers seem to blame everyone. Blame other gurus. Blame the world. Blame life. You’re rich now. Get over it. Share the secrets.
So here are my two favorite Internet Marketing Gurus.
Why do I like them? Both are newbie friendly. When I say newbie friendly, I mean the kind of newbie that knows email and internet and doesn’t know how to unzip a file. If you’re this type of newbie (like me), these two gurus are for you.
Chris Farrell is an English guy who lives in Beverly Hills, California, with his actress wife and 4 dogs. This guy is really nice. He used to be a radio broadcaster. He tried internet marketing for years, severely frustrated. So he finally buckled down, mastered IM and then created a membership site teaching newbies and other struggling internet marketers so they wouldn’t go through the pain he did. He even kept a journal of all his frustrations that you can find on his membership site.
He’s very charming, cheerful, positive and incredibly hard-working. If you look at hismembership site, you will see how well-thought out and detailed it is. He teaches internet marketing from the ground up. If you can’t unzip a file, he’ll show you how to do that in his video tutorials along with all the more complex techniques of making money online, all with a cheer. Thousands of members love Chris Farrell. He’s a great guy.
Tiffany Dow is an internet marketer from Texas. Her position is very unique. She used to ghostwrite ebooks for big-named, multi-millionaire IM gurus like John Reese. So she has the inside scoop of how the internet marketing world works. However, Tiffany doesn’t like using some of the bait and switch tactics that marketers use. So she broke off and did her own thing.
She specializes in internet marketing writing: Squidoo, blogging, PLR, affiliate reviews, you name it. She actually reviews other people’s affiliate products and she is honest about what’s in it. Doesn’t matter if she knows the marketer or not.
One of her pet peeves is the upsell. I don’t mind this when done correctly, but people have overused it. She also uses videos in many of her online products (not all of them) to illustrate step-by-step exactly what she’s talking about. She has a lot of loyal fans as well.
So if you’re looking for trustworthy IM gurus who show you like it is, not just tell you, these two should suit you well.


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