Monday, April 4, 2011

Kodak Playsport Review

KODAK PLAYSPORT Video Camera / Zx5 / Black
Eastman Kodak Company released the Kodak PlaySport video camera in 2010.  Many of us enjoy the summer periods, a time when people relax and enjoy special moments with family and friends. How about if you could capture those memories with a high quality camcorder? Well, as this Kodak PlaySport review will suggest, the Kodak PlaySport provides all the picture quality you need. 

The Kodak PlaySport camcorder has many special functions, including being able to operate 3 metres underwater, while still providing you with high, sharp definition at 1080p; it can be used in swimming pools and shallow lakes and rivers. 
Furthermore, the PlaySport is mini, making it compact, light and easy to use; no more are the days of carrying around a massive camcorder- this is small enough to slip into your pocket, measuring just 113x58x20mm. It also comes with a zoom flash, allowing you to better capture those ‘Kodak moments’ through pictures of 5-megapixel stills, or by capturing the details on video; the user friendly controls make it easy to quickly switch between taking pictures and recording videos. 

The Kodak PlaySport is often compared to the Kodak ZI8.  Kodak PlaySport vs. ZI8?  The PlaySport is more compact and can be used underwater with a specific mode that enhances underwater pictures.  It will also be cheaper to buy Kodak PlaySport.  The advantages that the ZI8 has over the PlaySport are that it has an external microphone port which makes it better for sound recordings; it also has a macro mode for close up videos.

Therefore if trying to decide between the Kodak PlaySport vs. ZI8, remember that although they are similar in their functions, controls, mode options and internal memory, consider what you want to use them for; if you are quite active and are likely to get the camera wet or want to use it underwater, buy Kodak PlaySport.  If you want quality sound recordings, the ZI8 may be a better choice.  If you do not want the camcorder for either of these uses, then they are similar in almost all other respects, except for the price, where the PlaySport wins. 

Kodak Playsport Review

For the price, the PlaySport picture quality is great, although you can obviously get better quality from the full HD camcorders, but they are extremely costly in comparison and generally not nearly so robust.  The battery life is a possible negative, though it lasts long enough for a day out and can easily be charged through a computer or the mains.

As this Kodak PlaySport review has implied, this mini camcorder offers the user good value for money; the underwater feature, zoom flash, good picture quality and included wrist strap make it a great camcorder to purchase. Also included are the EU, HDMI and TV cables and a comprehensive user guide when you buy Kodak PlaySport.   It is great for the active user, as it is rugged, solid and waterproof, and can handle a little rough and tumble.  So, whatever the weather, whether you’re swimming, biking, or just generally enjoying the great outdoors, do not forget your PlaySport!

Kodak and PlaySport are trademarks of Eastman Kodak Company.

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  1. I want to film small scenes underwater, like jumps into a pool and my fishtank up close. I think i'll be using this! Thanks for the review.


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