Monday, June 20, 2011

3 Common Questions About ZNZ-ONE

Well it is approaching July now and many, many people have fortunate enough to be making some good money online. We are talking from $40 a week all the way up to $1989 a week! I have been doing the ZNZ-ONE program and noticed that every week just keeps getting better and better by the week!

This program has been set-up to make you or anyone you refer $20 for referring people that will complete trial offers and repeat the process. Every single referral will make you at least $20. After of course you completed your offer. So here are the 3 common questions that I have came across when people are wondering about ZNZ-ONE:

1.       Is this a pyramid scheme? The answer is no. ZNZ-ONE only pays on 1 level and that is the referral level. You will not get paid on any other level than level 1. After you refer someone and they complete their offer you will get $20. So there is no pyramid involved here guysJ

2.       How do you get paid?? Well this company will either pay you by Pay-Pal or Check. However Pay-Pal is recommended for the simple fact that if you get paid by check. You will have to wait for the check to be cut and sent out if you do prefer check for whatever reason.

3.       Where do I advertise? This is the most common question I get and for me the easiest to answer. No. Advertising ZNZ-ONE can be very extensive and time consuming if you decide to write your own quality articles and rank them in the search engines which is most effective for myself and my team. However the least expensive and least time consuming is posting ads to free classified ad sites. This can take about 20-30 minutes and can be done all over on different sites. You can also make mini 

YouTube videos that take about 5 minutes by using free sites that will allow you to do this. There are many, many advertising tactics out there. You just need to reach out after you sign up and make sure that you are asking others how they get results.
The problem with 70%-80% of ZNZ-ONE users are that they tend to stay stuck on certain steps and create a barrier for themselves. When in all actuality they are really holding themselves up. This stuff is pretty easy and as long as you are advertising SOMEWHERE! You will get sign ups and sign ups lead to referrals and yes referrals lead to the CASH!

So if you are interested in learning more on how you can create an income online you can easily just click on one of the hyperlinks in this page and join my team. I am going to support you 100% of the way and answer any more questions you may have. So I will see you on the other side and have a productive day.

Eric Ogunbase                                                                           

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