Wednesday, June 8, 2011

GDI and ZNZ-ONE Combo

Well I am writing this article today for all that are considering joining the biggest domain registry in the world GDI. (Global Domains International) I have now been raking in the team with a system called ZNZ-ONE. This referral based system lets all that sign up for ZNZ-ONE another income stream the ability to automatically bring in anyone that decides to join GDI through this program into your downline.

I tell you it just does not get any easier with this program. Well I don’t think so at leastJ This system is proven to convert them into your downline increasing your efforts. This system that brings them into your GDI downline is called ZNZ-ONE.

The ZNZ-ONE program is set-up to pay you $20 per referral and I have made hundreds every week doing this. You can use many marketing tactics to refer people like: Craigslist, Backpage, PPC, Video and Article marketing. Much more tactics can be used and you will see results from these tactics. So review ZNZ-ONE and see if it is for you.

GDI offers a huge compensation plan for individuals that can bring in 5 or more referrals per week. Every 5 referrals will earn an additional $100 per week and be put on the leader board inside of GDI. You can literally make a good income with this program if done correctly. GDI has been around for over 10 years and is not going anywhere. People pay every single month to have a domain and powerful website through this Fortune 500 company.

You will have access to a very user friendly back office after signing up for GDI. Where you can access your downline information and keep in contact with them. Giving them powerful information to help build their and your team. The bigger your team gets obviously the more money you will be making.

You will get paid $1 for every person in your downline and you can get paid like that 5 levels deep. So if you have 5 that sign up 5 you would be automatically making $25 a month. Enough to cover your premium for the month. This is the problem that usually people are not making enough money to cover their monthly expense so they cancel.

So if you jump into this program and work it correctly, writing articles, making videos and other marketing methods. You will be able to cover your first month easy and who knows maybe even get some bonuses as well.

So if you are looking to make money from home and have tried everything under the sun including GDI. Just trust that in this team you will have support, direction and mentors that will help you get sign-ups every single week. This support is what most lack when it comes to business and if you do not have any support you will fail and fail very fast. So check out the presentation and see if GDI is the right program for you!
Eric Ogunbase

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