Sunday, June 12, 2011

How Does ZNZ-ONE Work??

So you have heard a lot of buzz around this paid per referral program right? So what is ZNZ-ONE most are asking? Well to start off this program was originated on Feb 24th, 2011. However ZNZ as a company (Zip Nada Zilch) has been around for more than 3 years and has over 15 other sites that pay per referral.

However ZNZ-ONE being the most prosperous because of its complete only one offer system. Also because of the marketing system that has been integrated into this whole program which offers you pre –built capture pages, affiliate program within, banners , tons of promo materials and much more. This also assists in a almost perfect opportunity funnel for ZNZ-ONE.

So how does ZNZ-ONE work? Well glad you asked, well you really did not but I am going to tell you anyways. Well it starts from an ad of some source like Craigslist, Backpage etc. The prospect clicks on the link within the ad. Then watches a 27 minute tutorial on how the whole system works. Then clicks through to complete a trial offer like: Free Credit Report, Equifax or even a domain hosting service. Now keep in mind that you only have to complete 1 offer and you will not be charged as long as you cancel.

If you cannot remember to cancel this ZNZ-ONE program is probably not for youJ Due to the fact that this is a work from home opportunity and does involve WORK~! So after the prospect goes in and completes the offer. They then wait for confirmation on the credit being received for the offer. This then meets ½ of the requirement to make your first $20. After the prospect receives credit they will then go to refer others to do the same. My Free Cash Machine is the system used to market your program and capture leads from your advertising efforts.

After signing up for My Free Cash Machine on average 7 out of 10 people are automatically going to sign up with GDI. Which is a domain and web hosting Fortune company that has been around for more than a decade. 2000 to be exact and ever since has grown to an online monster!! When prospects log-in to their My Free Cash Machine account they can join GDI and when they do you get paid for each referral $1- 5 levels deep. Now that may not sound like much but if you find that find 5 you are already making $25 per month which covers your $10 a month fee.

Trust me I had 15 people my first 2 weeks sign covered my monthly fee before I even blinked! Now the great part about GDI is that they also pay $100 referral bonuses weekly for every 5 people you bring in. SO yes you guessed right, I received $300 my first 2 weeks and am looking at those bonuses every week . For some this alone is enough extra cash per month.

Now the last pieces to this puzzle are marketing and they offer extensive video training for this program so what are you waiting for??

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