Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How Does GDI Work?

So you are wondering how exactly does GDI (Global Domains International) work right? Or for that matter what even is GDI? Well this Fortune 500 Company has been around for over a decade. Founded in 2000 and ever since grown to one of the biggest domain and web hosting companies in the world!

GDI offers domains that contain the extension .WS instead of the traditional .COM extensions. For the simple fact that it gives people and small businesses the opportunity to obtain the actual domain name they desire instead of some second hand domain name.

Some more things that GDI offer are email, hosting and a lucrative affiliate program that is to die for. A lot of people join GDI just because of the affiliate program they offer. The affiliate program that GDI offers is pretty simple. For every person you bring into your downline or team, you will receive $1 and that $1 gets paid 5 levels deep. So for example if you brought in 5 people that brought in 5 people you would have a monthly income of $25.

Well you may be thinking I am about to leave this page because I am not going to recruit people for $1, however you will be surprised how fast your down line can actually build. I in my first weeks brought in over 10 people each week. Here is the kicker to this whole GDI affiliate program. GDI will pay you $100 per 5 people that you bring into GDI.

This alone could generate up to $800 a month alone just for bringing 10 people into your GDI business. Now if you cannot bring 10 people into any business. You may as well not quit your day job. Because there are so many different means of traffic out there that will bring you the people you need. The problem with most people is they will not take the time to learn what it takes.

Now GDI also can take your residual income to another level over time. As long as you support and stay in contact with your down line. You will be sure to grow over time while teaching your down line or team to duplicate your results. GDI is an online business alone that if worked correctly for an average of 2 years could easily produce $3000-$4000 a month residual income. Especially if you get an all-star recruiter on your team. Someone who generates traffic very easily can bring you tons of sign-ups.

GDI offers full support both offline and online as well. You do not get this from many programs out there today. You can utilize this to check up on leader board info or simply ask any and all questions you may have. So to get started with GDI today you can simply click the banner below and start the sign up process.

Eric Ogunbase

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