Sunday, June 5, 2011

3 Powerful Ways To Promote Your GDI Business

So you have either heard about or already signed up for GDI? Global Domains International has been around for over 10 years and was founded in 2000. This company has since to grow to a monstrous company that can create a residual income in less than a month that will pay any and all fees associated with GDI, which is only $10 a month so it shouldn’t be that hard lol.

GDI pays 5 levels deep and anyone you and 4 others bring in you will get 10% commission on and this really grows fast as many are ready to join GDI because they have already heard about it at some point in the past. Now GDI can be an easy business to grow or very difficult if one makes it this way. Marketing can be difficult as many do not have the resources and knowledge of how to market. This is why I wanted to give 3 ways to market your GDI domain and business. So here goes.

1. Video Marketing- A lot of people are using video marketing to market their GDI business, however most are doing this totally wrong and do not do their keyword research and see what people are searching for. For example if people are searching for GDI compensation. You could do a video with screenshots explaining the GDI compensation. This way these people searching for GDI compensation can get a real view and a real person explaining this. Most will gratify this by signing up through your link that would be, yup you guessed it placed beneath your video. This strategy is becoming more and more know. However most are not doing this correctly.

2. Join a Feeder Program- Feeder programs are something that is either usually free to join or very minimal cost. This way you get people’s trust by showing them that your free program works and then they can be brought into your primary business. If GDI is your primary of course. This always opens up that level of trust that people can relate to. A great feeder program is ZNZ-ONE and it can be found here. ZNZ-ONE SET-UP

3. Article Marketing- This one is very similar to the first except for using articles to describe the GDI compensation plan or maybe you do an article just like this one! On how to promote GDI and when people read the article and see you are a real person you can capitalize by having them in your down line.

These 3 tactics can be very powerful if done and done effectively. There are tons of different ways to market your GDI business, so get going and take action stop wondering if GDI really works or if it is a scam. That is a guard or defense mechanism that most negative people use to basically stall and make it seem that they do not care to do the business. They say stuff like: only the people that already have a foundation are making money or it has to be a scam. So stop being skeptical and sign up now!

Eric Ogunbase

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