Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Final Matrix

So you are looking for the "Perfect" online program that will not rape your pocketbook huh? I know, I know I have experienced some of the crappiest programs online , some of the worst software online , some of the most unethical programs out there just trying to get your money and stuff in it in their pockets. Companies with a so called matrix that is supposed to benefit you! But in reality the only people it benefits are the ones running the fricken site!

I spend a lot of time researching programs online that promise an income no matter what you do and they all say the same thing. " Let your downline build your business for you and sit back to reap the benefits" Yeah right ! if you really want a powerful matrix you have got to get out there and get it! You are not the only one promoting whatever matrix it is that you are in. There are at least a minimum of 200-1000 people trying to get the same people that are searching for that specific matrix in their downline. So what makes you different from the rest? Well I have learned that ironically it is actually the matrix that you choose and not the amount of people you bring into it. Follow me here, if you have 100 people in your downline and not a 1 of them are doing crap then you have what? A really sad business model right? 

Now on the other hand if you have 10 people in your matrix and they are filling the so called ship with "Go getters then you will have some $$ coming into your pocketbook right? This is exactly why I am writing this article to inform you that I have found a matrix called The Final Matrix and for me it may very well be my Final Matrix. This is a Matrix put together by none other than William Pattison and Trevor Hovick themselves. This Final Matrix has a forced 5X3 Matrix and is set-up to have you earn on 3 different levels as follows

1st level (5 people / $10 each) you earn a total of $50
2nd level (25 people / $2 each) you earn a total of $50
3rd level (125 people/ $17 each) you earn a total of $2,125

TOTAL (155 people) $2,225 paid to you every month!

This is amazing and the cost of membership is as follows 

COST OF MEMBERSHIP? $33 per month
*$30 for membership - $3 to cover Alertpay fees*

The thing I love most about this matrix is that it allows the hard working people get the most out of it and yeah there may be some spillovers, however this matrix does take hard work and if you are a fly by night marketer than this program is not for YOU!

You must understand that most marketers that skip from program to program are living a fantasy and may never see the results that it is they would like to see. For the simple fact that they can not stick with 1 system or matrix. So The Final Matrix system is nothing fancy and nothing special just a proven yet simple matrix that will work if you are willing to promote and sell The Final Matrix products this will work for you and has worked for myself and many others!

So go now and see how you can get started with The Final Matrix and start making some serious cash with this!

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