Thursday, March 17, 2011

What Is The Formula Solution To Get Potassium Iodide?

So is this a scare ploy by the US to get everyone to buy Potassium Iodide tablets or is this an actual nuclear reaction like the back in 1986 in Chernobyl ,UK that killed only about 30-40 people? Well I do not have the answer fot that I just know that myslef and fiance that live near the West Coast and are in fear like everyone else are
So if you are anywhere near a TV or radio, or maybe your sister, uncle , brother or parents for that matter well the you know that the United States is under alert and being told to prepare for possible nuclear reactions from a nuclear power plant whoms nuclear reactors are overheating as the US is urging Japan to send in troops to decrease the chances of nuclear energy being spread into the Pacific Ocean.
wondering "Where can I buy Potassium Iodide Tablets and hw much are they? Well just like anything else when supply and demand is high, the price skyrockets! So we just paid about $110 for som formula Potassium Iodide in order to prevent the nuclear energy having any possible effect towards us and our kids. It is better safe than sorry and as much as I think this ridiculous I really hate to let my ego get in the way of 100 bucks saving the life of myself and kids !!

So what is Potassium Iodide formula ? Well it is a form of salt that is made to protect the thyroids from potential nuclear radiation being spread by the nuclear reactor that is in Japan. This drug can be found at , however the Potassium Iodide is currently out of stock from this major supplier. I had a friend tell me well why dont you just get the formula for Potassium Iodide and make some? Hah ! I love this joker and in the time of crisis always has a great laugh for me. But then thought great idea so I googled formula for potassium ioidide and couldnt really get much so jokes on me I guess lol.

In any event I guess this is a pretty scary situation for the people close to those nuclear reactors in Japan and we should not be joking but in any event I feel like this has taken the focus of the potential Galactice alignment that many are worried about. As well as the supermoon that is happening on Mar 19th which is this weekend. I always wondered why people focused so much on the worlds events that triggered havoc instead of focusing on the great things in life , but guess I am just as guilty:)

So where to get Potassium Ioidide? Well it looks like Amazon and Ebay are the onlt ones carrying th salt that helps absorb the thyroid to prevent nuclear energy getting into your system from nuclear energy being let off by the nuclear reactors in Japan. I suggest you call your local drug store first because you never know you night get lucky and find some Potassium Iodide tablets there? Well I guess this is the next big scare? I had someon ask me is iodine the same as iodide? My answer to them was of course let me Google this and in my discovery I found that Iodine is actually a harder darker substance and this is what I found IODINE that is the Wikepedia definition for Idodine so if you are like my friends and think that I have all the answers , I will let you in on a secret Google does and that is probably how you got to this blog ore lens!

So I believe Iodine helps protect as well as I can see all the Iodine supplements are being bought up as well. But that is just my non-educated guess without doing the footwork. I also just read that Iodine does not prevent radioactive energy from getting to your thyroids it actually fills the thyroids preventing them from being open to get exposed to nuclear energy from Japans or any nuclear reactors.

So if you are like the rest of us , you need to decide whether or not to purchase these very pricey "Thyroid blockers" Hope this article has helped in in deciding where to get Potassium Iodide and you can visit Amazon from the image of Potassium Iodide above or below depending where you found this article. Thanks and have  a great March, 2011!!

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