Friday, March 11, 2011

What Caused The Tsunami Hit Japan In 2011

So what actually caused the Tsunami to hit in Japan in 2011? Well most say that Japan lies on the ring of fire where 90% of the earthquakes occur. Japan's worst quake occurred back in 1923 at  place called Kanto, it was an 8.3 magnitude and killed over 142,000 people.

There was also a quake back in 1996 that killed close to 5,000. Of course the Dec, 26th 2004 Tsunami that killed close to 240,00 people. Last but not least the quake that shook Chile @ 8.8 magnitude causing a tsunami that took out nearly 600. So is it the end of the world? Most may say or ask. But my personal opinion is nature is taking its toll and there is not a conspiracy by the United States Government. Just some people that have too much time to study the things they cannot control. So please take the time to prepare your family for utter devastation shall it occur.

 This article is in no way shape or form to scare anybody but actually to talk a little bit about the Tsunami today in Japan in 2011. I went to sleep about 1 AM and woke up at about 4 AM from my girl calling me from work saying that a Tsunami had just hit Japan and there was a warning in the pacific coast like San Francisco earthquake warning in 2011 is pretty scary. For the simple fact that we are about 300 miles from there and we have family on the coastal regions.

So the purpose of this article is just to make others aware of the Tsunami in Japan that has killed over 200-300 thus far of 7AM PST. I know that this is a time of disaster, however we must be with our families and appreciate life. We all know and live in faith things will be ok but in the evnt of the disaster reaching us will we be ready? If an earthquake struck in 2011 in San Francisco or Santa Monica would you or your family be ready? Well I think 90% can anwser no to that question. This Tsunami happening 2011 in Japan will take many lives however had some of those lives been prepared and spent the time with their families preparing them from this, the number would indefinatly be less.

So stop living in fear of the Tsunami in Japan from 2011 or that the Tsunami will hit the Pacific Coast and be proactive in letting your families know about in the event of this situation what would they do? Run, hide and panic? Maybe just sit there? Or would they be prepared because you told them about the Tsunami in Japan that hit 2011 ? Maybe you have already prepared an emergency earthquake/Tsunami preparedness kit?

You must take action and protect your family and that is the reason of this article is that I have already in the past purchased a Earthquake Preparedness kit for my family and you should do the same! Keep Faith America We Are Strong and Tweet, Share or Vote for this if it has helped!

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