Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What Is Yoga?

Are you super stressed out and feel like everything around you is continuing to get worse and worse? Maybe you work every single day or near to it? Well I can relate I used to be full of stress and anxiety every single day , working 70 plus hours a week managing my two restaurants as well as managing the kids at home. Having to worry about taking them to soccer practice and every other practice you can think of. These types of activities I just knew shouldn’t have felt like chores but did! This stuff should be fun but I was just too stressed out and tired from everything else. So I knew I had to do something and fast! 

So I was at soccer practice one day and one of the mother’s could obviously tell I was super stressed out and asked me if I had tried doing anything about my stress. My reply, yeah yell at my kids and make them clean the house, of course I was kidding. She laughed and In couldn’t understand how her workload was just about as full as mine and she was always happy! So I asked her and she says yoga was the answer and she would practice yoga and meditate 1-3 times weekly minimum and I was amazed at her response. Thinking how does she find the time to do this? 

Well she then explained to me that yoga and meditation only has to be done for a short period of time and can be done anywhere. Even at work on break or at home before practice for about 15-45 minutes. She said once she was introduced to this that her stress levels plummeted and felt more energy even though she was working more. So she introduced me to a book that is all about Yoga and Meditation and sure enough I have been learning things in this book like: yoga lowers and improves blood pressure levels, improves pulse rate, blood circulation, having a higher pain tolerance and yes even a stronger immune system. 

So I decided to get this very, very affordable book and tried the activities that were in this book and I just cannot believe the results that I have had and want to share with you so that you do not have to experience the same stress and feeling that I did without Yoga and Meditation. I t is super easy and actually kind of fun too. Also addicting, because your body and mind start to understand the power of this practice subconsciously. 

So, what is yoga? Well yoga is actually a practice of positioning the body in ways that will relieve and create heat through the body movements. Creating stellar results, giving you more energy by strength and flexibility your body and mind is telling itself that you can do more than you feel you can. So focusing on these movements allows you to mentally and physically become stronger and more flexible with your body as well as your time. Therefore reducing stress and not being so focused on stress but focusing on the solution that will get you where you need to be.

Most think that Yoga is a bunch of exercises or stretching that takes place which is partly true, however it also involves inner strength and this is what the book I am introducing you do will help you understand as well as mantra mediation and other forms of meditation that will help you to reduce these stress levels. So I hope this has helped you to understand what is yoga and you can go now and find the book I have been babbling on about in the links provided. Happy meditating and may this be a prosperous 2011.

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