Sunday, March 13, 2011

How Do I Get More Likes For My Fanpage ?

So you are wondering how do I get more fans to y fanpage? Or maybe you just started your Facebook fanpage and want a way to express your page? Maybe you have already tried getting followers for your fanpage?
Well nowadays there so many ways that you can get more fans on your Facebook. Including social media relationships from other channels like Twitter, You Tube and others by creating relationships with others you connect and they automatically want to follow your fanpage. You can add value to people by offering a ebook or free software of some sort on your Facebook fanpage.
A good friend of mine told me the other day that he had a Facebook fanpage that only had about 56 likes and he had it up for about 6 months, well I almost told him what I really thought. You suck !! JK but really you need to be the one to drive the traffic to get those Facebook likes. You can do keyword research and see what keywords are getting people on the first page of Google for your specific niche and then write an article in Better Networker.
There is a huge opportunity fro someone to come up with a Facebook Likes site as there are very few that offer artificial Facebook fanpage likes and offer the "Easiest way to get Facebook fanpage likes" However most are just some robot generated Facebook Likes that will never really get you any action.
So you ask again "How can I make a fan page on Facebook" and get it liked fast? Well like I said before , write articles , Invite your friends through your page and I am going to share a tactic that I use to get more Facebook Fanpage Likes.
Using Networked Blogs to get Facebook Fan Page Likes can be very time consuming yet very effective and you can easily  more likes for Facebook using this tactic. You just have to simply add the Networked Blogs App on your Facebook and then verify your blog and then you can use this to get more blog followers as well as get more Facebook Fan page likes to your Fanpage.
Last but not least you can utilize our Facebook Fanpage that will allow you to follow others and get the same in return. You can follow us here by clicking this link and get more likes for your Facebook fan page now!! Talk Later!!

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